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Frozen YTS
Frozen YTS
Action / Adventure / Drama / Mystery / Sport / Thriller
1 hr 33 min

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Frozen yts
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Plot Summary:
When three skiers find themselves stranded on a chair lift at a New England ski resort that has closed for the next week, they are forced to make life or death choices that prove to be more perilous than staying put and freezing to death.
Adam Green
Top Cast
Shawn Ashmore as Joe Lynch

Kevin Zegers as Dan Walker

Kane Hodder as Cody

Joe Lynch as Guy on Chairlift #2

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Frozen review

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle

6 / 10

great premise but inferior execution
Dan Walker (Kevin Zegers), girlfriend Parker O’Neil (Emma Bell), and best friend Joe Lynch (Shawn Ashmore) bribe their way onto the last run on the slopes. They’re closing early due to an incoming storm. A miscommunication among the operators leads to a shutdown while the threesome are still on the lift. It’s Sunday and they reopen on Friday. Dan decides to jump and breaks his leg in the process. That’s when the wolves come.

It’s a great premise. The three young actors are capable. The story is a bit lacking but the dialog is its major failings. It is nowhere near sharp enough. The characters don’t come off well with the poor quality of the banter. With this premise, the meat has to come from exceptional dialog. I’m thinking Tarantino. Adam Green is no Tarantino.Read More