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Garden of Love YTS
Garden of Love YTS
2003 [GERMAN]
Action / Horror / Thriller
1 hr 26 min

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Garden of Love yts
Garden of Love movie download hd
Plot Summary:
A woman whose family was brutally murdered when she was little is instructed by her family’s ghosts to bring the killers to them so their souls can rest in peace.
Olaf Ittenbach
Top Cast

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Garden of Love review

Reviewed by poolandrews

6 / 10

Strange German made gore film.
Garden of Love starts late one night in a seemingly normal farm house, however when local police arrive there after a phone-call they discover several horribly mutilated murder victims & one survivor a young girl named Rebecca Verlaine (Anika Julien) who is found in a come. Twelve years later & Rebecca (Natacza Boon) comes out of her coma & is adopted by some relatives, at first Rebecca has no memory of the horrendous events that left her entire family dead but slowly she starts to remember & soon starts suffering from terrifying visions of mutilated ghostly people talking to her. Rebecca & her now husband David (Daryl Jackson) decide to revisit her childhood home to confront her demons, what Rebecca finds at her old home leads to betrayal & brutal murder…

Also known under the title The Haunting of Rebecca Verlaine in the US this German production was co-written & directed Olaf Ittenbach who was also responsible for the numerous gory special make-up effects which to fair are probably the highlight of the film. Not that it matters that much but first off I feel like I should mention the (proper) title Garden of Love (I can see why it was changed for US distribution) because I have absolutely no idea why Garden of Love is called Garden of Love, there are no garden’s & there’s not that much love either so why is this called Garden of Love exactly? Anyway, the film itself is notable for it’s very gory set-pieces which are pretty impressive (no horrible CGI computer effects in sight) & that rather obvious fact that it was produced by German filmmakers in English for an English speaking audience & as such the barely legible broken English strange sounding dialogue gives Garden of Love a somewhat camp & surreal feel that I personally quite liked. I mean if the majority of the dialogue scenes in Garden of Love were written & shot properly it would probably make for an awfully dull film as the only thing of interest would be to see the next gore scene but with this slightly bizarre feel to it I found myself liking the whole thing. The first half of Garden of Love is a straight ghost story while the second half has a few twist’s & changes direction & becomes a revenge story. I certainly didn’t think it was dull & the strange uneven tone of the plot & the almost but not quite right sounding dialogue coupled with the cool gore scenes made for a fairly entertaining film, if not exactly for the right reasons.

As I have already mentioned the real highlight of Garden of the Dead is the gore, there’s loads of it. From slashed throats to decapitations to exploding heads to ripped out guts to face ripped off to heads ripped in half to someone being pushed through a wire fence with gory results to stabbings to someone getting their eyes drilled out to gory shotgun wounds & loads more besides. This one really hits the spot if you know what I mean. There’s also a very amusing scene in which the ghost’s take over a TV commercial for kitchen knives & the announcer says that this knife will cut through bone & proceeds to grab his female assistants arm & chop her hand off as a gory demonstration! I also have to mention that there are no quick editing or shaky hand-held camcorder moments which is just great & even more reason why I like this. You know, you can actually see whats meant to be going on!

Although the film has that low budget made for video look about it the special effects are impressive & it has reasonable production values. The acting is very strange as obviously mostly German actors try to speak & act in English & it comes across as very stiff & awkward. Star Natacza Boon was actually born in England & even more bizarrely than anything in this film she had a documentary made about her by the BBC when she was 15 focusing on the fact that she apparently had the longest daily trip to school of anyone in the country as she travelled over 400 miles everyday to drama school (to end up in a film like this to, was it really worth it Natacza?) from when she was 12 until when she was 19.

Garden of Love is an odd film made by Germans in a language they obviously didn’t quite understand (think Troll 2 (1990) which was made by Italians in English) & as a result it has some unintentional comedy moments to go along with the rather impressive gore scenes. I liked it, so sue me.Read More