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Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
1 hr 27 min

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Plot Summary:
A coastal town is plagued by a supernatural man-eating shark. A ghost hunter joins forces with a sea captain to uncover the secrets of the area’s dark past and find a way to exorcise the spectral predator.
Griff Furst
Top Cast
Richard Moll as Finch

Liann Pattison as Taylor’s Mom

Mackenzie Rosman as Ava

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Ghost Shark review

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird

4 / 10

Bad but in a hilarious way rather than in an infuriating way
Don’t expect much from Ghost Shark. If you’ve seen Super Shark, Sand Sharks, Jersey Shore Shark Attack and even Sharknado(do the Shark Attack movies count too?) you’ll know that you shouldn’t expect a SyFy channel shark movie to be particularly good. Ghost Shark is a long way from good, but it is better than the first three movies listed- and the Shark Attack movies- if not quite reaching hilariously bad guilty-pleasure status like Sharknado did. And it certainly isn’t the worst SyFy movie. It isn’t too badly shot and edited, plus the scenery is nice, while the gore is inventive and not too cheap and the acting is adequate(especially for SyFy), Richard Moll stands out in a creepy and over-the-top performance and the female lead is likable. That is a feat though, but the dialogue is cliché-ridden, underwritten and has too much of the cheese factor. The story- deriving from a silly but potentially fun concept- is much too rushed too, which doesn’t give us much time to root enough for the characters(who are little more than just-there and poorly developed stereotypes). It also veers wildly between mildly credible at best to hilariously ludicrous, with the attacks more outrageous than suspenseful or scary. The shark does look very cheap and is not particularly menacing in design or personality, goofy is more like it. In conclusion, bad but hilariously so rather than infuriatingly. 4/10 Bethany CoxRead More

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