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Ginger Snaps YTS
Ginger Snaps YTS
Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Romance / Thriller
1 hr 48 min

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Ginger Snaps yts
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Plot Summary:
The story of two outcast sisters, Ginger and Brigitte, in the mindless suburban town of Bailey Downs. On the night of Ginger’s first period, she is savagely attacked by a wild creature. Ginger’s wounds miraculously heal but something is not quite right. Now Brigitte must save her sister and save herself.
John Fawcett
Top Cast
Mimi Rogers as Pamela

Katharine Isabelle as Ginger

Lucy Lawless as Announcer on School’s PA System

Emily Perkins as Brigitte

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Ginger Snaps review

Reviewed by sddavis63

9 / 10

A Tale Of Two Sisters
Surely this has to rank as the best werewolf movie made in quite a long time. Sometimes frightening and sometimes funny, there’s enough in common with the traditional werewolf stories to offer a sense of familiarity to the story, but there’s also enough original content that makes this unpredictable. The movie opens with a pretty graphic scene of a dog that’s been torn to pieces by some strange animal, and then fades pretty quickly into the story of the two Fitzgerald sisters – Ginger and Bridgette. These are two troubled girls, friendless (except for each other) with death fantasies and an apparent pact to commit suicide together by the age of 16. Suddenly, Ginger finds herself attacked by this same strange creature, and her transformation begins.

The transformation itself is a sort of heightened portrayal of female puberty, as Ginger has just had her first period and is having all the physical symptoms that accompany puberty being heightened by lycanthropy, with a few additional symptoms added to the mix – like growing a tail! Unlike most werewolf movies, there isn’t a sudden transformation. It happens gradually (and actually begins almost immediately after Ginger is attacked), which heightens the sense of dread, with not everything waiting for the next full moon (the lunar cycle obviously, in the context of the movie, mirroring Ginger’s menstrual cycle.) As Ginger and Bridgette, Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins were bang-on perfect, capturing the characters superbly. The movie is filled with assorted other quirky characters as well (maybe a few too many, and maybe some of those were a bit too quirky, which every now and then makes an otherwise frightening or funny movie fall into a bit of ridiculousness, although that doesn’t weaken the overall story too much.) It’s quite graphic at times, although nothing seemed gratuitous, and the last scenes of the movie, with Bridgette hunting Ginger down in the house, are really quite creepy and finally offer a look at a very unique looking and scary werewolf.

This is extremely well done, and deserves to be considered as one of the better modern horror movies. 9/10Read More