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Goodbye World YTS
Goodbye World YTS
Action / Comedy / Drama
1 hr 39 min

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Goodbye World yts
Goodbye World movie download hd
Plot Summary:
When a mysterious cyber-attack cripples civilization, a group of old college friends and lovers retreat to a remote country cabin, where they must cope with an uncertain future while navigating the minefield of their shared past.
Denis Henry Hennelly
Top Cast
Mckenna Grace as Hannah Palmer

Gaby Hoffmann as Laura Shepherd

Kerry Bishé as Lily Palmer

Caroline Dhavernas as Becky Snider

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Goodbye World review

Reviewed by ten-thousand-marbles

2 / 10

Beware! This is not an apocalypse movie.
This has an interesting premise and could have been a good movie. Instead, the writers decided to make it an uptight, hipster, yuppie, thirty-something comedy-drama, complete with snooty attitudes, multiple annoying subplots and a man bun. I just couldn’t get invested in their predictable, soap opera turmoil. The end of the world scenario takes up about ten minutes of time. The story line and attempts at cuteness are trite and pretentious. It’s more like an uncomfortable high school reunion than an apocalypse. When it finally tries to get interesting and actually incorporate armageddon into the story, it’s too little too late and just dumb. At least they have weed.