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Grave Encounters 2 Movie Download

Grave Encounters 2 YTS
Grave Encounters 2 YTS
Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
1 hr 38 min

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Grave Encounters 2 yts
Grave Encounters 2 movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Tortured by the ghosts of the demonized insane asylum that killed the crew of GRAVE ENCOUNTERS, film students fight to escape death as their own paranormal investigation goes terribly wrong in this horrifying sequel.
John Poliquin
Top Cast
Stephanie Bennett as Tessa Hamill

Richard Harmon as Alex Wright

Victor Zinck Jr. as Doctor at Party

Dylan Playfair as Trevor Thompson

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Grave Encounters 2 review

Reviewed by Theo Robertson

4 / 10

Predictable Sequel
I came to this film with very mixed feelings . GRAVE ENCOUNTERS wasn’t only the best lost footage horror film I’d probably ever seen but also the best full length horror film I’d seen over the last few years and caused me to jump out of my seat several times . Any anticipation I had in looking forward to the sequel was tamed in the knowledge that the original directors The Vicious Brothers had been replaced by John Poliquin and on top of that lost footage film isn’t a sub-genre that has much scope so decided to watch it with expectations rather low

Just as well because even in sequel terms CLOSE ENCOUNTERS 2 is a massive let down . What I found strange is the meta-fictional quality the way the film starts in which the original film is now a DVD movie unleashed upon the public . In other words it has now become a film within a film which isn’t really what the original film was about . Is it post modernist in this approach ? Maybe but for a few seconds I honestly thought I wasn’t watching GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2 but rather a montage of youtube reviews of the original film which is bizarre to say the least . No doubt this was the makers intention but I don’t really think this worked

The post modernism – or should that be post post modernism – continues well in to the first half of the film as we’re introduced to a bunch of a film students who want to go and film at the location of the first movie and before we get there we have to endure lots of footage of the students own attempt to make horror movies . Again it doesn’t come of very well and isn’t nearly as clever as it thinks it is as characters knowlingly refer to other lost footage movies . It lacks the wit Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson could have brought to it and it tries a little too hard to to appear spontaneous and amateur , though that said it’s a difficult thing to get right so I shouldn’t judge too harshly . When we do get to the second half it’s just more of the same with night vision , people splitting up , loud noises and jump scares . I don’t know if it was because I saw GRAVE ENCOUNTERS recently but the scares and unearthly horrors seen here weren’t as effective as they were in the original probably down me knowing what was coming next . It also probably illustrates that once you’ve seen one of these movies you’ve seen them all . In that case maybe I should be charitable and say this sequel isn’t so much bad , just very predictable while the original is something of a standoutRead More