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Gregory’s Girl Movie Download

Gregory's Girl YTS
Gregory’s Girl YTS
Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance
1 hr 31 min

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Gregory's Girl yts
Gregory's Girl movie download hd
Plot Summary:
A teenager falls hard for the female soccer player who has replaced him on the team and attempts to pursue her.
Bill Forsyth
Top Cast
John Gordon Sinclair as Gregory

Alex Norton as Alec

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Gregory’s Girl review

Reviewed by paul2001sw-1

8 / 10

Unpretentious and universal
Watching ‘Gregory’s Girl’ for the first time in over two decades, one is immediately struck by reminders of when it was made: the grainy film, the dreadful soundtrack, the big hair of both its male and female characters. But one is soon also reminded of why it proved such a massive hit, in spite of it’s low budget, unpretentious nature. For at its heart, Bill Forsyth’s film captures two eternal realities, the (potentially charming) essential uselessness of a certain sort of teenage male, and the particular uselessness of just about all males when confronted by a sufficiently pretty girl (Dee Hepburn, although Clare Grogan, later a pop star, appears in a secondary role). But the gentle narrative eschews the obvious cliché, and it’s also nice to see a story set in a Scottish housing scheme that isn’t just a tale of drugs and A.I.D.S. It still feels funny and true after almost thirty years.Read More