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Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller
1 hr 35 min

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Plot Summary:
Alex, an immigrant from Ukraine comes to Canada and becomes involved with an online criminal organization called Darkweb. What starts off as a way to help his parents financially, soon becomes a personal vendetta against the entire banking system, when his mother is fired from her job at the bank
Akan Satayev
Top Cast
Clifton Collins Jr. as Zed

Zachary Bennett as Curtis

Callan McAuliffe as Alex

Greg Hovanessian as Randy Bickle

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Hacker review

Reviewed by eksapsy

5 / 10

It doesn’t represent its Title plus Hollywood representation of Hacking
It’s a bit disappointing going to see a movie based on the strong title it’s using and then feeling like you got your time wasted.

The whole movie is not about Hacking, it’s about smuggling. And how did they achieve to get the smuggling business working I hear you say? Oh by Hollywood Hacking. Which means (very little spoiler but it’s covered on the start of the movie) that literally our main protagonist wrote in Google “Darkweb”, got registered in the team called “Darkweb” (So the page is not even in the Darkweb) and out of nothing he just “hacks”. It doesn’t explain the background job or anything our protagonist does except for the foreground part of the story. Which is that somehow they get packages from someone/somewhere (we don’t actually know, the story leaves us blind) and they sell them to some contacts they happen to know.

It doesn’t show anything from the “Hacking” part because obviously, it’s too technical and more boring than it seems. The movie makes Hacking (the 0% of the movie because in literal terms, there is no hacking, just a little bit cracking) pretty much look like a Video Game in which the hacking part is concluded by the push of a button, some terminal lines (for pretty much unknown reason) and looking at a computer screen.

They created things out of nothing (Fake ID’s and Credit Cards, how did they make them ?) and pretty much nothing gets explained in the movie. The only thing close to this was at the start of the movie where our protagonist searches “How To Code”, which part was NEVER used in the movie. So that part was pretty useless as well.

The only little bit exciting part was the goodbye kiss of the movie. It made a -you could call it- a little bit good plot twist but after all this hay the movie gave us, I couldn’t be much excited because it still leaves many parts unexplained and the movie still doesn’t deserve even a little bit the title “Hacker”.

Summary ….:

This movie is not about hacking, but smuggling. If you want real hacking and cracking, go watch the series “Mr.Robot”. Although, even this does not have anything that could excite you very much on the Hacking part but at least it would worth the Title “Hacker”. This movie does not. It’s a poorly made “Clickbaitish” title.Read More

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