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Hellbound: Hellraiser II YTS

Action / Horror / Thriller
1 hr 37 min

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Hellbound: Hellraiser II yts
Hellbound: Hellraiser II movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Julia Cotton, her step daughter Kirsty, and the sinister Dr. Channard are sent into the dominion of the Cenobites themselves.
Tony Randel
Top Cast
Andrew Robinson as Larry Cotton

Oliver Smith as Mr. Browning / Skinless Frank

Clare Higgins as Julia Cotton

Ashley Laurence as Kirsty Cotton

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Hellbound: Hellraiser II review

Reviewed by Pjtaylor-96-138044

6 / 10

What’s your pleasure?
The best thing about ‘Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)’ is its music; Christopher Young’s fantastic theme is still a stand-out in the genre. The second best things about it are the numerous flashback sequences (the picture begins with an abridged version of the prior title’s finale and its key points are also recalled by the protagonist later in the film), which serve not only to refresh the audience’s memory but also (quite accidentally, I’ll add) to remind them how much better the first flick is than this one. The feature isn’t bad but, as you can probably tell, it isn’t a patch on its predecessor. That’s primarily because, despite its arguably more ambitious plot and accompanying aesthetics, it’s simply more straightforward and, thus, isn’t as interesting. Where the first flick played on the duality between the different types of evil that its two antagonists (Frank and the Cenobites) represented, this one reduces all of its villainous players to almost cardboard cut-out versions of themselves and portrays them as these much more generic ‘demons’ than previously seen. This removal of nuance is one of the major reasons that the villains just aren’t all that frightening. The one area in which they are developed actually reduces their enigmatic nature, in turn further reducing their scariness. At this point, the filmmakers still hadn’t realised the potential that Pinhead (now credited as such) had to lead the franchise as its pinnacle of pain, so he and his Cenobite cronies have arguably even less screen time than they did in their previous outing. They’re also, as I’ve mentioned, decidedly less disquieting. Their scenes, though atmospheric, lack any sense of menace and the fact that a large portion of the piece takes place in their domain without them present makes them seem far less important than they ought to. Other issues with the movie include a messy, even slightly repetitive plot and a couple of weak characters. Having said all that, it’s not as though the experience is exactly bad or anything. Its positives include some decidedly disturbing, undeniably inventive visuals and a generally ambitious, otherworldly aesthetic that must have took some skill to pull off. It’s visually interesting, that’s for sure, and it has a few sequences which are quite entertaining in their own right. The picture is also well-paced and generally enjoyable, even if it isn’t all that compelling. It isn’t scary or thought-provoking, but it’s a decent attempt at dark fantasy/horror that’s as ambitious as it is uneven. 6/10.Read More

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