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Plot Summary:
Legendary Lawman and Gunslinger Wild Bill Hickok, is tasked with taming the wildest cow-town in the West, while delivering his own brand of frontier Justice and infamous gunfighter’s reputation as the fastest draw in the West is put to the test
Timothy Woodward Jr.
Top Cast
Bruce Dern as Doc Rivers O’Roark

Kris Kristofferson as George Knox

Cameron Richardson as Mattie

Manu Intiraymi as Slade

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Hickok review

Reviewed by Wuchakk

6 / 10

Town-bound modern Western delivers the goods for Grade B fare
RELEASED IN 2017 and directed by Timothy Woodward Jr., “Hickok” stars Luke Hemsworth as the titular lawman and gunslinger, nicknamed Wild Bill, who is commissioned as Marshal to tame the wildest cow-town in the Old West, Abilene, Kansas. Kris Kristofferson plays the noble mayor and Bruce Dern the town doctor while Trace Adkins is on hand as the nefarious mogul of the town. Cameron Richardson plays the woman they vie for whereas Kaiwi Lyman appears as Hickok’s gunfighter rival.

Except for the opening sequences, this is a town-bound Western similar in theme to those Wyatt Earp Westerns where Earp has to clean up a town (Dodge City, Tombstone, whatever). Since practically the entire story takes place in town it’s irrelevant that California substitutes for Kansas. It’s great to see old Western stars Kristofferson and Dern in fairly significant peripheral roles. Luke is stalwart as the protagonist and the movie really drives home the bold resolve it would take to tame a wild cow-town. Meanwhile the hulking Adkins is formidable as the heavy.

While this is a relatively low-budget adult Western (with a little bit of cussing, nudity, covert sex) and there are obvious mistakes here and there (e.g. the kid’s bandage appearing on the wrong leg), not to mention the cast probably learned their lines the night before, as well as the predictableness concerning Mattie’s kid, the script and main cast keep things compelling. There are several highlights and a few spectacular shots, like the train bridge in the opening act and, later, the moonlit sky.

In short, the movie’s entertaining for a low budget Western that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Western fans who don’t demand Grade A quality should eat this up. Keep in mind that not every Western can have the mega-funds of blockbusters like “Dances With Wolves” and “Unforgiven.” Just don’t look to “Hickok” for accurate history. Nevertheless, I’d watch “Hickok” over the comparatively dull “Wild Bill” (1995) any day.

THE FILM RUNS 1 hour 28 minutes and was shot in Agoura (Paramount Ranch) & Santa Clarita, California. WRITER: Michael Lanahan.

GRADE: B/B- (6.5/10)Read More

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