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Plot Summary:
After their first adventure with the “Hot Tub Time Machine,” Lou and Nick are living very well off their ill-gotten gains, while Jacob still cannot rely on Lou to be a positive role model. When an unknown assailant breaks into Lou’s mansion and shoots him,┬áNick and Jacob take him for another trip in the hot tub. They emerge in the year 2025, where they must figure out who shot Lou and prevent it from happening again.
Steve Pink
Top Cast
Gillian Jacobs as Jill

John Cusack as Adam

Christian Slater as Game Show Host

Adam Scott as Adam Jr.

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Hot Tub Time Machine 2 review

Reviewed by Tweekums

4 / 10

Sometimes crudeness is funny… sometimes it is just crude
Opening five years after the events of the first film Lou Dorchen and Nick Webber have become very successful thanks to using other people’s ideas. Then, at a party, Lou is shot in the groin and later dies. His son Jacob and Nick drag him to the time machine and they hope to travel back in time to stop the shooting… they actually end up in the future; a time when their lives are somewhat different. Evidence suggests that the killer is from this time period; the trio will have to find the killer before he goes back to commit the crime. They suspect former friend Adam Yates who was bitter after missing the trip in the first film that led to Lou and Nick’s success. They find his son Adan Jnr, and he joins the search. In what follows they get into a number of sticky situations.

This sequel was rather disappointing; there were some genuinely funny moments but too many gags relied on the fact that Lou is a thoroughly unpleasant character… he is a bully who more often than not gets away with it. Most of the gags are fairly crude without the wit to be funny. The film is clearly inspired by numerous other time travel films, which are inevitably name checked by the characters. The cast do a decent enough job with the material. Overall this is far from a must see but if you like your comedies crude you might enjoy it… I’m just glad it only cost me 50p and that went to a charity!Read More