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Plot Summary:
A gang of street boys foil a master crook who sends commands for robberies by cunningly altering a comic strip’s wording each week, unknown to writer and printer. The first of the Ealing comedies.
Charles Crichton
Top Cast
Alastair Sim as Felix H. Wilkinson

Andrew Sachs as Schoolboy

Jack Warner as Nightingale

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Hue and Cry review

Reviewed by tim-764-291856

7 / 10

Angels with Dirty Faces, East End style..
I SO would have loved this movie as a kid; but being far too young, I’m now only getting into these lesser known Ealings as a middle-aged film lover. Hue & Cry is part of the Ealing Comedy DVD Collection.

From what I’ve heard from older folk and relatives about the just post- war years, this yarn is plain good old fashioned fun, but one for the boys only, whatever their age. With bombed-out London their playground and comics their fantastical relief, young boys run around pursuing adventure at every turn. This is where I get my Angels with Dirty Faces connection from.

A few disgruntled viewers say that Hue & Cry lacks focus and central characters. This is true – a boy’s adventure never runs to plan and if it does, you change it! But, seen as the first Ealing comedy proper, the Studio is still finding its feet and is gathering talented people to direct (Charles Chricton, who directed many BIG Ealings) screenwriters (T.E.B Clarke, who is synonymous with Ealing) and one very accomplished cinematographer, Douglas Slocombe, who here manages some Hitchcockian imagery – such as on a spiral staircase and in a room full of circus dummies. Otherwise, it’s brisk, the camera darting about, with a film score every bit as vibrant as the escapades.

No-one ever, though, denies the pull and special attraction of Alistair Sim as the eccentric Comic strip creator, a Scrooge-like hermit living at the top of those scary stairs. That he isn’t on screen very much just happens to be one of those things, relish him when he is on, that’s all you can do.

The story, now, to an adult takes second fiddle – lots of boyish conspiracies and such, avoiding the police and the occasional fight. Something about a missing page in their favourite comic and they have to use passwords and such, getting caught in gangster Jack Warner’s wide- boy gangsterish crook (as far cry from his beloved Dixon of Dock Green!). It is the sights – and sounds – of an almost alien London, only a generation ago that makes it all so watchable – and enjoyable. Unlike today, with our comparatively lazy and health and safety pampered youth, these boy actors literally pour gusto and energy into everything, swarming over a rubbled landscape like herds of buffalo in a western.

The sound is often a bit thin and distorted but the picture quality not as bad as it could be, a little lacking in punch perhaps but surprisingly blemish-free.Read More