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Inbred YTS
Inbred YTS
Action / Comedy / Horror
1 hr 38 min

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Inbred yts
Inbred movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Four young offenders and their workers spend a weekend in the remote Yorkshire village of Mortlake, which prides on keeping itself to itself. A minor incident with locals rapidly escalates into a blood-soaked, deliriously warped nightmare.
Alex Chandon
Top Cast
Mat Fraser as Jacob

Jo Hartley as Kate

James Burrows as Tim

Emily Booth as June

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Inbred review

Reviewed by bizzywiththefizzy

1 / 10

This is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen. I am now dumber for having watched it.
This was another Horror Channel late night feature. Horror Channel can be a bit hit and miss, but occasionally you get a few nice, low budget British horror (‘Stalled’ is a good example of a super low budget Brit horror that they’ve shown and was a pleasant surprise).

I started out quite happy, as it had legendary UK Scream Queen Emily Booth in the opening scenes. Sadly, this was just a brief cameo.

It’s your standard issue cannibal-hillbilly-gang-hunts-kills-and eats-dumb-kids gorefest, just set in Yorkshire rather than the woods of West Virginia, and it’s crap.

If you’ve ever seen League of Gentlemen, you’ll immediately see this is a rip off of the villagers of Royston Vasey (they even use the ‘you can never leave’ line and blatant use of Papa Lazarou’s black face and outfit).

They used a fair bit of expensive CGI together with old school effects and the deaths by horse and muck spreader were quite creative, but the kids and social workers in peril were irritating and so you don’t really care if they live or die. If you want a semi decent British horror about young offenders in peril, go watch ‘Wilderness’ instead. It’s not perfect, but it’s ‘Casablanca’ compared to this.

You might dig it if you’re absolutely wasted on home brewed vodka, just make sure it’s not just watered down pee.

Even ‘Wrong Turn 6’ was better than this, and that was abysmal.Read More