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Jaco YTS
Jaco YTS
Action / Biography / Documentary / Drama / Music
1 hr 50 min

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Jaco yts
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Plot Summary:
The story of Jaco Pastorius, a self-taught, larger-than-life musician who single-handedly changed the course of modern music by redefining the sound and the role of the electric bass guitar. Never-before-seen 8mm film, photographs, and audio recordings unveil the true story behind the legend of Jaco’s life, his music, and his heartbreaking end.
Stephen Kijak
Top Cast
Flea as Himself

Kris Kristofferson as Himself

Joni Mitchell as Herself

James Hetfield as Himself

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Jaco review

Reviewed by Dont_let_govt_divide_us

4 / 10

Long winded
06JAN2020 {4/10 stars C-} Recommend? Yes, for those familiar with Jaco or love learning about music history. -6 stars for repeating content.

The documentary could have easily been shortened by at least 20 minutes and made more concise. Before this was suggested on Hulu I had never heard of Jaco. Decided to play the video and found it to be dry, slow and long winded. Some of the interviews have repeating content that is tiring to hear. Like, how Jaco frequently introduced himself as “the greatest bass player in the world” followed by people saying they didn’t believe him and wanted him to prove his claim.

This video is so slow going I typed this while the documentary played and had no problem following what was happening. I found Jaco Pastorius on the Pandora app and will be listening to his music.

The harmonics and sound of Jaco’s guitar playing are relaxing and exhilarating depending on the speed of his playing. Unfortunately Jaco only plays guitar, he does not sing. There are many long interludes in the documentary of only Jaco strumming his bass guitar with no vocals or other instruments playing. After awhile these interludes get to be tiresome. Some of Jaco’s guitar playing is used as background music for when people are talking. This was a good way to share his music abilities while also allowing time for people to talk. The production quality and sound is good. Many musicians, some famous, took time to appear in this documentary and talk about Jaco.

There are a few clips in this documentary of Jaco sitting and talking interview style about himself and his music. There should have been a lot more of this with less repeating content and long interludes of Jaco strumming.

CONTENT ADVISORY: Documentary starts with some previews that include profanity like the f-word. Profanity in this documentary are f-word and sh’t said a few times along with damn, assh’le and God’s name said in vain.

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