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Johnny English YTS
Johnny English YTS
Action / Adventure / Comedy
1 hr 27 min

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Johnny English yts
Johnny English movie download hd
Plot Summary:
A lowly pencil pusher working for MI7, Johnny English is suddenly promoted to super spy after Agent One is assassinated and every other agent is blown up at his funeral. When a billionaire entrepreneur sponsors the exhibition of the Crown Jewels—and the valuable gems disappear on the opening night and on English’s watch—the newly-designated agent must jump into action to find the thief and recover the missing gems.
Peter Howitt
Top Cast
John Malkovich as Pascal Sauvage, the Greedy Frenchman

Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English

Kevin McNally as Prime Minister

Ben Miller as Bough, English’s Sidekick

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Johnny English review

Reviewed by briancham1994

8 / 10

Outrageously funny
This film has a lot of physical comedy that works on a basic level, just like the famous Mr. Bean series. All of these skits made my grandmother chuckle even though she does not know English, which is a good sign. Rowan Atkinson makes the plot come to life.

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