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Plot Summary:
Four young friends, while taking a shortcut en route to a local boxing match, witness a brutal murder which leaves them running for their lives.
Stephen Hopkins
Top Cast
Stephen Dorff as John Wyatt

Emilio Estevez as Frank Wyatt

Cuba Gooding Jr. as Mike Peterson

Jeremy Piven as Ray Cochran

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Judgment Night review

Reviewed by disdressed12

9 / 10

four good buddies head out a for a night on the town and,
take a wrong turn.just one wrong turn.and end up on the bad side of some not so savory characters.from there we get chase after chase as theses guys try to stay ahead of the bad guys and stay alive.this is a really exciting action packed movie.it had me on the edge of my seat a few times.and the acting,the acting was top notch.Jeremy Piven,Cuba Gooding Jr.Stephen Dorrf,Erik Schrody,Michael Wiseman are all really good.incidentally,Schrody is/was a member of once popular rap group House of Pain.he later released a solo album under the name Everlast,called Whitey Ford Sings the blues.anyway…everyone one i just mentioned did excellent work in this film.but for me,Emile Estevez and Peter Greene(Under Siege 2,The Usual Suspects,Permanent Midnight)were standouts.the movie itself is high octane excitement that doesn’t let up until the end.it’s a movie better watched late at night,with the lights off.for me,the verdict on Judgment Night is a 9/10Read More