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Action / Comedy / Crime / Mystery
1 hr 31 min

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Plot Summary:
LAPD detective Mike Dooley and his dog, the German Shepherd Jerry Lee, have been successfully partnered for ten years, but Jerry’s advancing age has Dooley’s superiors suggesting retirement and they are forced to work with a younger K-9 team: female cop Sergeant Welles and her disciplined Doberman Zeus.
Charles T. Kanganis
Top Cast
Nadja Pionilla as Terri

James Belushi as Det. Mike Dooley

Wade Williams as Devon Lang

Ron Yuan as Jackie Hammonds

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K-911 review

Reviewed by lukem-52760

8 / 10

The Definition Of A Feel-Good Film & Nice Light Fun Entertainment.
I grew up loving the first K-9 & watched it over & over on video so when i heard that James Belushi said in a radio interview that he was making a straight to video sequel to K-9 back in the late 90’s i was extremely excited as i was already obsessed with the first Classic Cop Comedy. K-911 is a DTV gem, a sequel that is nearly as good as the 80’s classic.

I don’t care what anyone says, this movie is one of the most enjoyable, charming & feelgood films out there!!! Jim Belushi is on top comic form & is having so much fun back as silly Dooley. Although there’s obviously a little cheese with being a comedy about a menacing police dog & his silly owner/partner, yes there’s those childish moments of silly humour but really it all goes together so nicely. Fart jokes & silliness are all apart of it’s cheap 90’s video store charm. Good fun all around & a feel good vibe that makes you smile. K-911 is simple light entertainment that is a nice breezy B-movie buddy comedy. K-911 probably will never be some sort of lost gem or a forgotten cult classic but it will always be to me a lighthearted warm Nostalgic little cop film. Well K-911 is a little gem to me & a film i often turn to when i want something real easy & lighthearted to watch on a night. Just seeing Jim Belushi & hearing his iconic voice & quick witted humour is a sense of comfort for me as I’ve always been a Jim Belushi fan. Back in the late 90’s & early 2000’s i was constantly tracking down Jim Belushi films & would find his films at a cool little video store called Enterprise Video. In that store they had shelves dedicated to actors & there was a James Belushi shelf with a bunch of his movies on vhs & i collected many. Also i sort out Jim Belushi films in Blockbuster & discovered many gems of his early 2000’s DTV output such as Angel’s Dance for an example. So whenever i put on a Belushi film it transports me back to simpler & better times when videos ruled & the world made sense.

I love James Belushi i think he’s one of the greatest actors of all time!!! Belushi can be hilarious in goofy comedies & then be a tough guy in a deadly serious Thriller & that is what being a brilliant actor is all about.

He’s fantastic in serious films such as Gang Related,Retroactive,Traces of Red,One way out & Separate Lives Among others & i grew up watching this great guy & collected any videos starring James Belushi, he’s always been one of my favourite actors.

K-911 is a lovely little easy going Cop Comedy Thriller, it still has that old school cop Thriller feel (90’s thriller feel) with alot more added fun & comedy. It’s a joy to see my old buddies back, Detective Dooley & Jerry Lee. I also really like Belushi’s wardrobe for his Dooley character in this movie, it’s the best I’ve seen Belushi look in a movie. I appreciate that Belushi resembles the ordinary everyman even down to his “dadbod”. It’s refreshing to have a lead hero on screen that isn’t a ripped-to-shreds meathead, Belushi is the average joe with a gun & a badge & i love it.

James Belushi is on top comic form again in this sequel but although he goofs around & there’s alot of fun silly moments there’s still heartfelt drama especially in a lovely sad little scene where Dooley is going to bed & sits on the edge looking at an old photo of himself with his wife who has passed away from an illness & it’s a very sad moment with that bit of depth that tells me the new director cares about the characters & it’s a touching moment to show how Dooley is still missing Tracey & seems so lost without her but of course he still has his faithful partner & buddy Jerry Lee by his side.

This plays as a fun comedy but also does turn into a Thriller when things get dangerous when a psycho who is obsessed with Dooley’s late wife begins targeting Dooley.

So there’s a well thought out backstory that opens up & nice connections to the Tracey character (Dooley’s wife) so this feels like a proper sequel.

K-911 has a solid little story & a heartwarming buddy cop drama going for it as well as seeing our favourite cop duo older in life & a new case to follow them on & the film is just so sweet & nice & that a joy to watch in these dark times!!! Nice piece of Escapism

This is a low-budget straight to video movie but it’s still well made & very entertaining but of course I’m aware it’s not got the same quality as the Classic first film but for me it’s just nice having a Sequel to one of my all time favourite films & a Sequel so late, 10 years later!!!

The tone is different than the 80’s classic but it’s now the late 90’s so it’s filmed differently & obviously on a small budget & it’s gone for more light hearted family fun but it’s ok to be different as we don’t want the exact same or a remake so it’s fine. Actually for a low-budget sequel it’s as good as the original, but it often like sequels over the first films. I prefer Ghostbusters 2 & Predator 2 & The Rescuers Down Under & Die Hard 2 & Robocop 2, all better than the first films in my opinion.

Another little change is he’s now LAPD rather than San Diego PD but in the big time gap since ’89 he’s obviously moved departments so thats a nice fresh little touch & Dooley now lives in a lovely big house in the suburbs & other nice little touch is his old boss Captain Byers (James Handy) is back & still swinging for Dooley as a little in joke from the first film.

There’s some romance too with a new cop duo with the lovely Sgt.wells (Chrisine Tucci) & her dog Zues who Dooley seems to be falling for & it’s all played really nicely & you see what a warm nice guy Detective Dooley really is.

It’s still sad that Tracey has died but that’s life for real so that adds some dark depth to this fun cop comedy & James Belushi is definitely enjoying himself back as Dooley & there’s a nice fun training montage with happy music while watching Dooley & Jerry Lee try to get back in shape it’s a lovely scene.

There’s lots to like & enjoy & this movie will put a smile on your face.

I often rate little B-movies or Direct-to-dvd films higher than most big budget films because they don’t try to be anything other than what they are, great entertainment & fun. We like what we like & that’s it.Read More

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