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Killing Jesus Movie Download

Killing Jesus YTS
Killing Jesus YTS
Action / Biography / Drama / History
2 hr 12 min

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Killing Jesus yts
Killing Jesus movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Jesus of Nazareth’s life and ministry were subject to seismic social and political events that led to his execution and changed the world forever.
Christopher Menaul
Top Cast
Kelsey Grammer as King Herod

Rufus Sewell as Caiaphas

Emmanuelle Chriqui as Herodias

John Rhys-Davies as Annas

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Killing Jesus review

Reviewed by mm-39

8 / 10

Was comparing the movie to the book.
Killing Jesus was created in the Spirit of Bill O’Rielly’s book. Killing Jesus is about the historical social forces of Jesus’ time. Passover with the money lenders, the Roman Ocupation and the politics of money and power. Jesus’ teaching were a threat to the social forces of Jesus’ time. (and a threat to many in modern times) Bill’s movie omits many of the miracles etc for the message is about the times, and lets the viewer decide his or her opinion on the Son of God question. Regretablly, the Makers of Killing Jesus had to edit for time considerations many important parts which were in the book. I believe we would have a double reel movie (an old saying when movie makers used film) to add all the material. Regrettably, all biblical movies leave room for interpretation, and make controversial liberties of what historical individuals were thinking. Did Judas keep some of the money because Judas wanted a horse is more of trying to figure out Judas’ motives? A hidden message of how heinous Judas was. What Killing Jesus mastered is the portrayal of Jesus’ message about forgiveness, God is love, and Jesus is willing to stand up and sacrifice himself for us. The symbolic message with the fish at the ending states Killing Jesus’ thesis. The message is about Jesus’ movement and the crucifixion tried to stop the movement, but only resulted in the movement becoming stronger. As with the fish miracle, you decide if Jesus is the Son of God. An attempt at a historical portrayal of which hits the mark. Seven or eight out of ten stars.Read More