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Kiss Me, Stupid Movie Download

Kiss Me
Kiss Me, Stupid YTS
Action / Comedy / Romance
2 hr 5 min

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Kiss Me, Stupid yts
Kiss Me, Stupid movie download hd
Plot Summary:
While traveling home from Vegas, an amorous lounge singer named Dino gets conned by a local mechanic/songwriter into staying in town for the night. The mechanic’s songwriting partner, Orville, offers Dino his home for overnight lodging and enlists a local waitress/call girl to pose as his wife in order to placate Dino’s urges.
Billy Wilder
Top Cast
Kim Novak as Polly the Pistol

Dean Martin as Dino

Henry Gibson as Smith

Mary Jane Saunders as

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Kiss Me, Stupid review

Reviewed by AlsExGal

6 / 10

Billy Wilder, as the production code ends
In this sex comedy from writer-director Billy Wilder, Dean Martin stars as Dino, a Vegas singer and comedian who heads to Hollywood to make his next picture. His ends up in the small town of Climax where his car “breaks down”, leading him to stay at the home of local piano teacher and aspiring songwriter Orville (Ray Walston), who hopes to get Dino buy some of his songs. The only problem is that Dino wants a woman for the night, and the insanely jealous Orville is afraid he’ll target Orville’s wife Zelda (Felicia Farr). So Orville arranges for the real Zelda to be gone, and hires local cocktail waitress Polly (Kim Novak) to pose as her and take the brunt of Dino’s charge. Also featuring Mel Blanc.

This was highly controversial upon release, condemned by the Catholic Legion of Decency, and lambasted in the press as smutty and prurient. Even Barbara Stanwyck made public condemnations of the film. Now of course it doesn’t come across as anything more than a typical primetime sitcom, and even tame by those standards. I wasn’t too fond of Walston, although I learned that he was a late replacement for Peter Sellers, who suffered a series of heart attacks after filming began. In fact, the main cast was originally supposed to be Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Shirley MacLaine in the Martin, Farr, and Novak roles, respectively. Dean Martin’s exaggerated spoof of his own persona seems to have been a forerunner of later “meta” self-parodies like Being John Malkovich, Topher Grace in the Ocean’s movies, or the entirety of This Is the End.Read More

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