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Knight of Cups Movie Download

Knight of Cups YTS
Knight of Cups YTS
Action / Drama / Fantasy / Romance
1 hr 58 min

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Knight of Cups yts
Knight of Cups movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Rick is a screenwriter living in Los Angeles. While successful in his career, his life feels empty. Haunted and confused, he finds temporary solace in the decadent Hollywood excess that defines his existence. Women provide a distraction to his daily pain, and every encounter brings him closer to finding his place in the world.
Terrence Malick
Top Cast
Christian Bale as Rick

Teresa Palmer as Karen

Natalie Portman as Elizabeth

Joel Kinnaman as Errol

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1 hr 58 min
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Knight of Cups review

Reviewed by Bored_Dragon

8 / 10

Pay attention to this moment. And everything is there… perfect and complete just as it is.
I could write a novel about this film. For quite some time I was thinking how to write short review and not miss the essence. Mass bashing of this movie does not speak so much about its quality as it speaks about today’s audience. World got faster, people have no time, they’re impatient and nervous, and even worse, they’re addicted to adrenaline injections served by modern big and home screens. Unfortunately, this movie is not for everyone. It’s not for most of people. But if you are willing to relax, open yourselves emotionally and let the moment carry you, this film could be enriching experience. They say it’s pretentious, boring and has no story. True, it’s not perfect, it has pretentious and even boring moments and it is very tiring watch if you are not capable to let go. Fact that it does not have plot doers not mean it has no story. It has story, and what a story it has, it just does not tell it in conventional ways. It tells the story by picture and sound and emotion. Every cadre is like a postcard, every sound contributes to artistic photography. This is one of those movies that are not supposed to be analyzed, but felt. I never saw any Terrence Malick movies till now, and if this one really is his worst then I definitely must watch all the rest.


P.S. For those incapable to enjoy artistic movie, if nothing else, two hours of Christian Bale surrounded with many gorgeous women should be enough reason to at least try.

Hungry. Longing for something without knowing what it is.

Treat this world as it deserves. There are no principles… just circumstances.

You think when you reach certain age things will start making sense. Then you find out you’re as lost as you were before. I suppose that’s what damnation is. The pieces of your life never to come together. Just splashed out there.

So much I was given. So much I left behind.

Real life’s so hard to find. Where it is? How do you get there?

Pay attention to this moment. And everything is there… perfect and complete just as it is.

There’s so much love inside us that never gets out.Read More