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Lone Wolves Movie Download

Lone Wolves YTS
Lone Wolves YTS
Action / Sci-Fi
1 hr 27 min

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Lone Wolves yts
Lone Wolves movie download hd
Plot Summary:
After an apocalypse of questionable origin, Private James Conroy is living in an abandoned shack at the base of a radio tower. When Conroy finally contacts Garry Freeman, marooned in a space station, they have to learn to work together if they’re going to save themselves, and maybe all of civilization.
Christopher Jacobs
Top Cast
Top cast

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1 hr 27 min
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1 hr 27 min
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Lone Wolves review

Reviewed by daniel-mannouch

6 / 10

Primo direct to dvd trash that is a technical mess, but is wildly inventive
Low budget ozploitation as an inconsistent sound mix and inventive camerawork takes precedence in a story involving lovecraftian demons and multiple dimensions. Hate to spoil the third act, but unfortunately there is not much to really spoil here. There is a lot you can say about Sole Survivor that’s unflattering, but being a dispassionate production isn’t one of them. Though the story riffs on several sci-fi films, Sole Survivor does still display a lot of creativity in fusing its influences together in a film that has a character all to itself. Laughable acting in some places, but the cast is committed, so their overkill feels like part of the fun.

There is also some neat art design, including some cool looking guns and some decent, if very cheap CGI. The soft focus rendering and janky movement is balanced by the look of the creatures themselves which are both demonic and extraterrestrial. Once again, i can’t emphasise how cheap the effects look, but similarly i can’t say enough how fit they were for purpose and add a considerable amount of charm to this film.

Finally, a decent score is something I was not expecting from Sole Survivor, but I got that as well. Not memorable, but i have heard far worse from other direct to dvd action films. It fitted the story and helped keep the pace going.

Sole Survivor is exactly what you want to see when you hear the words low budget, direct to dvd, post apocalypse actioner.Read More

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