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Plot Summary:
A small time crook and a newly-orphaned teenage boy team up to perform a string of robberies.
Trey Nelson
Top Cast
Lynn Collins as Mary

Josh Duhamel as John

Emma Fuhrmann as Rose

Josh Wiggins as Louis

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Lost in the Sun review

Reviewed by yusufpiskin

9 / 10

the most beautiful road movie in the world.
I was somehow expecting a mediocre film when deciding to watch this. I always knew by the poster and the casting of Josh Duhamel and Josh Wiggins I would at least enjoy it, but was definitely not expecting such a great film! At this very moment I’m not even sure what’s stopping me giving this a deserving 9 star rating here..
I may do in time.

This film is so very underrated going by the lack of talk about it and just going by its page here on Letterboxd alone and the small number of reviews and ridiculously low overall rating score, which may I say right here and now is plain wrong! This film is fantastic.

With an average enough hour and a half runtime, it feels like a lot happens here and plenty of ground is covered throughout. This is a great road trip film and also a great youth and adult “bonding” type film with a brilliant score, cinematography and performances. I was immersed throughout as admittedly I love movies just like this but there’s no denying it to be very well made, either way.

Josh Duhamel’s character in particular was so interesting to me, he played the role very well of somebody who has a lot going on in his head that you wonder who he truely is. I struggle to find faults in this film and just really enjoyed the experience watching it.
I hope it gets some deserved praise someday.Read More