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Plot Summary:
Wayne Dobie is a shy cop whose low-key demeanor has earned him the affectionate nickname “Mad Dog.” After Mad Dog saves the life of Frank Milo, a crime boss and aspiring stand-up comedian, he’s offered the company of an attractive young waitress named Glory for a week. At first both are uneasy about the arrangement, but they eventually fall in love. However, the situation becomes complicated when Milo demands Glory back.
John McNaughton
Top Cast
Robert De Niro as Wayne ‘Mad Dog’ Dobie

Bill Murray as Frank Milo

Uma Thurman as Glory

Kathy Baker as Lee

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Mad Dog and Glory review

Reviewed by jotix100

7 / 10

The gift
John McNaughton, the director of “Mad Dog and Glory”, has been associated with other, more violent, pictures. In this film he shows a restraint no one would have predicted.

The story centers around Wayne, a shy detective in the Chicago Police, who is instrumental for saving the life of a mafioso, Frank Milo. To show his gratitude, Frank sends one of his body guards to invite Wayne to the stand club he owns. A comic mafioso? Well, Frank’s humor is not for everyone, including Wayne, who seems ill at ease. It’s obvious Wayne doesn’t want to be thanked for his good deed.

To make matters worse, the following day he receives a visit from the young woman who almost burned him at the club with hot coffee. Glory, it turns out, owes Frank Milo big time. She is paying for her brother’s debt and Frank makes her go do nice to Wayne. At the start, it’s clear Wayne is a man that has been out of practice, not being with a woman in quite some time. Glory, a beautiful woman, makes Wayne get back on track as he begins falling in love.

Frank Milo has other thing in mind. His generosity has limits, and he comes to collect Glory. He realizes how much Wayne has fallen for the young woman so he names a figure for taking possession of Glory, but Wayne doesn’t have the money. They end up in a fight, but peace is restored with a forgiving Frank.

Robert DeNiro makes a strange appearance underplaying Wayne’s role. He looks different, not as tall as he normally looks. Bill Murray who plays Frank Milo, gives another of his effortless performances. Uma Thurman is Glory, the beautiful woman that catches Wayne’s heart. Others in the cast include, among others, David Caruso and Kathy Baker.

“Mad Dog and Glory” is a different kind of gangster movie directed with sure hand by John McNaughton.Read More