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Action / Crime / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
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Plot Summary:
FBI Agent Will Graham, who retired after catching Hannibal Lecter, returns to duty to engage in a risky cat-and-mouse game with Lecter to capture a new killer.
Michael Mann
Top Cast
Brian Cox as Dr. Hannibal Lecktor

Chris Elliott as Zeller

Stephen Lang as Freddy Lounds

Garcelle Beauvais as Young Woman Housebuyer

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Manhunter review

Reviewed by tabuno

10 / 10

One of the Best Movies Ever Made
3 July 2002. I had to read through the comment index twice to make sure that I had never commented on this film. Before there was Silence or the Lambs or Hannibal, before CSI, William Petersen starred in an amazingly similar role (of his now famous, number one hit television series) in the movie Manhunter, which I consider one of the best movies ever made. I can understand some of the criticisms written about this movie, but it really depends on what you look for in a movie. For me, this movie had realism, a stylish seriousness that didn’t try to make fancy, polished statements. The dialogue was real, hard-hitting something you could listen and hear in real life, but in a dramatic – slice of life way, hitting the key points in a murder investigation.

Yes, there were many, many slow moments, but real moments – a father and his son in a grocery store – that scene was polished, wasn’t acted to perfection. This scene was one real kid talking about his fears, he wasn’t even looking at the camera or his father, just off into space like a real kid. The investigation process was smooth, methodical, scientific and luck. There was the early scene in the meeting room which played out as in real life – and the Tooth Angel – comment was portrayed as a serious event even though people laughed. The serial killer was real, even sympathetic at times. And Hannibal was even more scary because he was so cool, somebody without a soul but who could be charming as a good salesman on the phone.

There really isn’t a bad scene that I can find in this movie and I’ve scene the movie perhaps ten times. The music blended well into the fear and excitement, drama and tension without being overwhelming. The deaths were not for shock value for themselves but as stated factual reality – sometimes death is bloody, but not for cheap thrills for moviegoers.

The seen where police come to protect some innocent people was a great scene of (what I would think) were real police officers talking as they would normally, “I think you better go into the house ma’am.” It was anything like in the mothers. That scene by the police wasn’t acted it was a re-enactment of what would really happen, and it was compelling, dramatic. Yet, the movie at the same time amazingly never came across like real TV. There were production values, there were lines performed, but they were performed with serious intention, to communicate more dramatically what occurs in real life. The movie was like a photograph that was touched up to make the edges appear sharper, the colors more brilliant. There were dramatic ocean scenes, stark blood-bathed bedroom scenes.

The characters were memorable, their relations with other characters moving, the plot riveting in its steering away from typical Hollywood productions, playing over the top, shooting, mayhem, action just for special effects sake. Nothing was done in this movie but to really let the audience soak in the experience – the building tempo, building urgency of crime investigation, the humanity of the people killed and those targeted for death. The only flaw was the reporter who really was the only character who for whatever reason was a stereotype of tabloid journalism.

I would recommend this movie to any one who cares about murder mystery in a slow, methodical way that builds into a more heart-pounding climax. It is definitely not all action, blood and guts, it is an intellectually stimulating thinking, feeling movie that even those emotional women and men might be able to appreciate. This is a must see if you like to soak in the colors, the hard edges of step by step forensics and a no-holds barred snap shots of style and substance combined into one sleeper of a movie that Anthony Hopkins will have a real challenge in starring in a remake. 10 out of 10.Read More

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