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Mean Guns Movie Download

Mean Guns YTS
Mean Guns YTS
Action / Crime / Thriller
1 hr 50 min

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Mean Guns yts
Mean Guns movie download hd
Plot Summary:
One hundred mid- and low-level gangsters who are on their boss’ bad side are locked inside a newly-built high-security prison, and given plenty of guns, ammo, and baseball bats, then told that the last survivor will get a suitcase with 10 million dollars.
Albert Pyun
Top Cast
Christopher Lambert as Lou

Ice-T as Vincent Moon

Deborah Van Valkenburgh as Cam

Thom Mathews as Crow

Mean Guns 1997 720p.BluRay

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1 hr 50 min
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Mean Guns review

Reviewed by gridoon

6 / 10

Implausible, but great fun.
It’s not really a good movie, let’s make that clear. The chaotic shootouts are not skillfully constructed, the story is both implausible and confusing (especially at the end, when it keeps trying to top itself with one stupid “twist” after another; it should have stuck to the rules it established in the beginning), and Lambert and Ice-T both give performances too awful for words. What makes the picture fun is its premise, and some of the supporting members of the cast, particularly Michael Halsey (who really shines with a strong presence deserving of a far better movie), Okumoto and Matthews (whose duo is quite amusing to watch) and Tina Cote (who’s pretty hot). Overall, it’s worth a couple of viewings if you’re an action fan. (**1/2)Read More