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Memento YTS
Memento YTS
Action / Mystery / Thriller
1 hr 53 min

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Memento yts
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Plot Summary:
Leonard Shelby is tracking down the man who raped and murdered his wife. The difficulty of locating his wife’s killer, however, is compounded by the fact that he suffers from a rare, untreatable form of short-term memory loss. Although he can recall details of life before his accident, Leonard cannot remember what happened fifteen minutes ago, where he’s going, or why.
Christopher Nolan
Top Cast
Guy Pearce as Leonard

Joe Pantoliano as Teddy

Carrie-Anne Moss as Natalie

Harriet Sansom Harris as Mrs. Jankis

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Memento review

Reviewed by Hitchcoc

9 / 10

Mind Blowing
I spent considerable time doing research on the brain for a class I was teaching. One of the most intriguing things I dealt with was the idea of short term memory. There are cases of people who carry around a suitcase with them, containing all the things they need to continually review to stay in the present with any sort of functionality. I had heard about this film and read a very sketchy review. I rented it because I knew my family wouldn’t be interested in the violence. So late at night, I sat and took this film in with total concentration. I need to watch it again, but right now it may have cracked my top ten list. The last time I was so enthralled by a film was Coppola’s “The Conversation.” Both of these films are fairly bleak and occasionally confusing and absolutely captivating. How anyone can be bored by this with all the junk that is being produced these days, I will never understand. I know it’s a gimmick film. I know it’s manipulative. So what? Don’t all films manipulate us, especially those steeped in mystery and suspense. I knew exactly what was going on and I couldn’t wait to see how it ended (began).

At first there are so many questions–why the self mutilation? Why are these people treating this man this way? Where is he? How did he get there? Who does he work for? Does he actually work for anyone? And yet, how skillfully is is all done. I suppose if you want to begin nit picking, you can come up with a few inconsistencies. This doesn’t detract from the way that the principle character floats from even to even, trying to recoup his memory each time he faces the day. The one thing I will grant is the emotional investment required for revenge–but because he is aware of his shortcomings, he feels he must act. If you are bored with most movies these days, rent this and it will affect you for a long time.Read More

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