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Plot Summary:
Ivan Cohen is a young boy living in Palo Alto, California. Unsatisfied by his slacker group of friends, his love for a girl who doesn’t know he exists and a dysfunctional family life, he is struggling to find his place in the world. Based on the book Palo Alto by James Franco.
Nina Ljeti
Top Cast
Keith Stanfield as Max

James Franco as Mr. Wyckoff

Thomas Mann as Alex

Luna Blaise as Nina

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Memoria review

Reviewed by mmmiiiaaauuu

2 / 10

lazy writers everywhere
So the first 5 minutes will get you thinking “oh, this could be interesting”, after that, just plain nonsense, you get the typical small-slim-tidy woman but with some amazingly rambo skills and power to control and fight a tall-strong dude, and don´t even get me started on the plot holes. or the robot acting.
sometimes it´s so slow, you can skip 2 minutes and the characters are still there eyeing at each other, or walking through the house.