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Mister Johnson YTS
Mister Johnson YTS
Action / Drama
1 hr 41 min

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Mister Johnson yts
Mister Johnson movie download hd
Plot Summary:
In 1923 British Colonial Nigeria, Mister Johnson is an oddity — an educated black man who doesn’t really fit in with the natives or the British. He works for the local British magistrate, and considers himself English, though he has never been to England. He is always scheming, trying to get ahead, which lands him in a lot of hot water.
Bruce Beresford
Top Cast
Pierce Brosnan as Harry Rudbeck

Beatie Edney as Celia Rudbeck

Edward Woodward as Sargy Gollup

Steve James as Aliu

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Mister Johnson review

Reviewed by joyfully2-640-169166

10 / 10

I loved this film
The cinematography was truly lovely, it’s natural colors blended with the story telling so thoroughly, I sat in the dark fascinated by this syncopation. The film has a huge cast, and filming in the African sun, it had to be a difficult.

I loved the talent. Every character was real.

I loved the story –the collision of two cultures at the beginning.

Most of all I love the character of Mister Johnson as portrayed by Maynard Eziashi. His behavior seemed typical of the era. And African villagers seemed so gentle and accepting of foreign intrusion. Maybe it was that way in the beginning.

Joyce Cary wrote a very sweet, sort of tragic story. I wish all films contained this truth, warmth and humanity.Read More