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Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller
1 hr 24 min

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Plot Summary:
Scott (Jon Foster) is a filmmaker in need of inspiration. He and his girlfriend Penny (Sarah Jones) move into a desolate house hoping to make a breakthrough. Then they discover their neighbor, the elusive Mr. Jones. Famous for his haunting sculptures, Mr. Jones has remained a mystery to the world. Scott and Penny, convinced that they have found the perfect film subject, sneak into his workshop and realize that their curiosity may have chilling consequences. Who is Mr. Jones?
Karl Mueller
Top Cast
Sarah Jones as Penny

Diane Neal as The Scholar

David Clennon as The Curator

Mark Steger as Mr. Jones

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Mr. Jones review

Reviewed by nogodnomasters

5 / 10

Scott (Jon Foster) and Penny (Sarah Jones) decide to go away for a year and live in a remote area, a magical house where they never have to eat and go to town for food. Scott wants to film their being away from technology. The movie starts out incredibly bad, some by design. They come across some oddly made “scarecrows” which Penny recognizes as the art of “Mr. Jones” an unknown artist who has sent these pieces to people. Their new goal is to film the artwork and maybe but together a coffee table book or something.

The movie contains boring interviews as filler, one of which gives us an explanation, which repeats itself. The plot (POSSIBLE SPOILER) reminded me of the Jeffrey Konvitz 70’s blockbuster. It isn’t until the last 30 minutes does the intensity factor go anywhere. The acting was okay, but when you have someone beating on a door yelling “Penny, Penny…” you can’t help but think they should have chosen a different name.

The film shows some originality over its hand held counterparts, but suffers from the same problem. Constant close up scenes of a guy’s face or film of someone running with the camera makes for crappy viewing. They took a good film concept and cheapened it.

Recommend as a rental.Read More

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