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Nemesis YTS
Nemesis YTS
Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller
1 hr 35 min

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Nemesis yts
Nemesis movie download hd
Plot Summary:
In the future, chaos is rampant as ‘information terrorists’ threaten to destroy order in society. Alex is a part-man, part-machine LAPD cop who is the best at what he does. When one of the terrorists calls him a machine, Alex questions his humanity and decides to leave the force. His final assignment is to apprehend an old colleague who has stolen some data. However, there is more than meets the eye and Alex must question his allegiance.
Albert Pyun
Top Cast
Thomas Jane as Billy

Jackie Earle Haley as Einstein

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Angie-Liv

Brion James as Maritz

Nemesis 1992 720p.BluRay

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1 hr 35 min
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1 hr 35 min
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Nemesis review

Reviewed by Weirdling_Wolf

10 / 10

‘Nemesis’ acts like an intravenous shot of adrenalin directly into the boggling optics!
‘Nemesis’ remains one of the more relentlessly exciting, visually stimulating cyber-punk action-fests of its era, as low budget movie magician, Albert Pyun’s ceaselessly combative, Dystopian mind-blower has a searing kinetic quality that the passage of time resolutely cannot mute. This is a ferociously exciting, cinematically trailblazing, audaciously pyrotechnical, blissfully balletic bullet-fest, a kaleidoscopic, galloping gonzo, head-spinning, William Gibson-esque Sci-fi extravaganza which demonstratively celebrates, Pyun’s masterful command of the camera and his bravura facility for perpetrating some wickedly righteous, eye-boggling Gun-Fu on a mother-trucker’s ass!

Set in the not altogether distant future of 2027, our heroically handsome, fight fatigued, morally disillusioned, sharp-shooting, part-Cyborg cop, Alex (Olivier Gruner) finally loses his taste for hunting down renegade, antisocial automatons. During an especially violent confrontation which annihilates yet more of his barely remaining humanity, Alex decides to quit the force, and after a lengthy, painful convalescence he avidly craves the elusive solace of retirement his altogether duplicitous, black-suited boss, Farnsworth (Tim Thomerson) has absolutely no intention of granting him!

Ostensibly coerced into a desperate suicide mission on the notorious outlaw island of Shang Loo where the sinisterly seething volcano is his least volatile adversary! Alex’s frantic descent into the nakedly murderous, internecine power struggles between man and machine provides plentiful examples of, Pyun’s exhilaratingly inventive filmmaking prowess, with some of the outrageously flamboyant action sequences having a uniquely jaw-dropping, serotonin-enriched quality of a John Woo or Ringo Lam in full flight!

Technical aspects of this preternaturally dynamic actioner are consistently outstanding, making much of the cookie-cutter action schmaltz of today look like the myopic, palsied fumblings of a diabetic dotard! There is an uncommonly vivid vitality to the performances and an illicit, hyperbolic charge to the brilliantly mounted action that acts like an intravenous shot of alien adrenalin directly into the boggling optics, and Oliver Gruner’s snake belly cool cybercop remains one of cult cinema’s finest anti-heroes. Look up ‘most underrated dude’ on Wiki and you will, sadly, see the sublime visage of, Olivier Gruner. Look up ‘5 of the most righteous action movies of the 90s’, and if it doesn’t include ‘Nemesis’ then you are in the errant company of egregious imbeciles. Hell!!! If your boyfriend/girlfriend/special furry Llama friend doesn’t dig ‘Nemesis’ as much as you do, leave ’em, as they don’t deserve your enlightened ass!Read More

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