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Night Creatures Movie Download

Night Creatures YTS
Night Creatures YTS
Action / Adventure / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Romance
1 hr 22 min

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Night Creatures yts
Night Creatures movie download hd
Plot Summary:
What secret lay behind the dreaded Marsh Phantoms, the ghostly riders whose silent approach in the darkness of the bleak, unwelcoming Romney Marshes causes men to die of fright? Are they a genuine manifestation or a cover for illegal smuggling activities. Perhaps Dr. Blyss, the benign vicar of the quiet village of Dymchurch, knows the truth about the ruthless pirate and smuggler who lies buried in the village graveyard and can unravel the phenomenon of the curse of Captain Clegg.
Peter Graham Scott
Top Cast
Kate O’Mara as Girl at Inn

Oliver Reed as Harry Cobtree

Peter Cushing as Rev. Dr. Blyss

Yvonne Romain as Imogene – serving wench

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Night Creatures review

Reviewed by Coventry

7 / 10

Welcome to Dymchurch; – my kind of town!
Well, here’s one Hammer movie that was rather difficult to come across! Especially in comparison to the British studio’s classic horror, Sci-Fi and psychological thriller efforts, this mixture between historical drama and swashbuckler adventure (don’t let the cover image or US title “Night Creatures” mislead you; it’s not a horror film) is obscure and little seen. To my recollection it has never even been aired on the BBC, and that’s where I personally watched a lot of Hammer horror movies from the sixties and seventies. I wonder why, because “Captain Clegg” is a solid and engaging film with a good script, fine performances and a handful of truly ingenious highlights. The story takes place around the end of the 18th Century in a small English coastal village named Dymchurch, and I must say it’s a downright fantastic little place! Not only does the entire village participate in a giant smuggling network, they also have imaginative ways for transporting bootlegged liquor around town and all the villagers collectively help to mess around with an official delegation of soldiers sent by the British Crown to investigate! They even have an utmost brilliant signaling process with scarecrows in place and call upon sinister skeleton horsemen to scare off potential perpetrators! The charismatic leader of Dymchurch is Reverend Blyss, but serving God obviously isn’t his primary mission in life. “Captain Clegg” is a fun watch, neatly written by Anthony Hinds and well-directed by the fairly unknown Peter Graham Scott. The cast is top-notch, with glorious roles for Peter Cushing (reliable as always), Oliver Reed (back when he still appeared on film sets in a sober state), Martin Benson (as the town’s weakest link) and Michael Ripper (phenomenal as the local undertaker). There aren’t many women in the cast, but the beautiful and curvy Yvonne Romain is astonishing enough to represent a whole army of women. Recommended!Read More

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