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Ninja Immovable Heart Movie Download

Ninja Immovable Heart YTS
Ninja Immovable Heart YTS
Action / Drama
1 hr 37 min

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Ninja Immovable Heart yts
Ninja Immovable Heart movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Reese, an elite member of a covert unit of Ninja Warriors, is captured. Being tortured for information, Reese recalls the lessons learned from his training in order to fight his way free and stop an evil conglomerate from arming a dangerous weapon.
Rob Baard
Top Cast
Danny Glover as Ex Director Matthew Reynolds

Cassandra Gava as Agent Michelle Law

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Ninja Immovable Heart review

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird

1 / 10

One inner hero not worth awakening
Like what was said in my recent review for ‘The Secret Village’, this is in no way intended to sound hate-filled or like a reviewer who hates everything review. Quite the contrary. Am actually a fair reviewer with a love of film of all decades, genres and regardless of what the budget is. IMDb’s lowest possible ratings are very rarely given out by me, and also have no bias against low-budget films, there are watchable, and even good, ones out there.

‘Ninja Immovable Heart’ is another example of not being one of those watchable or good low-budget films. Instead another example, and perhaps even an even worse one (if that was humanly possible), of being one of the worst ever examples to me. One of the worst films recently viewed for me and among the worst ever. Again another case of me being serious and genuine, not being malicious. Malice has never been intended in any of my reviews, regardless of how strongly worded some of them are.

It’s a cheap looking film visually, especially in the insultingly cheap (even for low budget) special effects and in the action scenes. Regarding the action scenes they are too few, and those that are in the film are very unexcitingly choreographed and chaotically edited.

The script is cheesy, stilted and didn’t even feel like one that was properly organised let alone structured. There is nothing tense, suspenseful, fun or urgent about the paper thin, pedestrian and muddled story.

In ‘Ninja Immovable Heart’ none of the characters are intriguing or relatable, the direction is non-descript and the acting is dire. The use of Danny Glover is one of the worst wastes of any actor in any film.

The least bad thing about ‘Ninja Immovable Heart’, and the only thing that feels like some degree of effort has been put into it, is the music. Not exactly memorable, but at least it didn’t sound cheap or ill-fitting.

Overall, awful. 1/10 Bethany CoxRead More