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Ninja: Shadow of a Tear Movie Download

Ninja: Shadow of a Tear YTS
Ninja: Shadow of a Tear YTS
Action / Crime / Thriller
1 hr 35 min

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Ninja: Shadow of a Tear yts
Ninja: Shadow of a Tear movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Fight everyone and trust no one: it’s the code of survival practiced by martial-arts master Casey Bowman after his life of domestic bliss is shattered by a savage act of violence. Vowing revenge, the fearless American stealthily tracks the killer from Osaka to Bangkok to Rangoon with the help of a wise and crafty sensei. His only clues: a series of victims whose necks bear the distinctive mark of strangulation by barbed wire. Fighting to avenge as well as to survive, Casey must sharpen his razor-like responses and take his battle skills to the next level, even using deep meditation to fake his own death. His target: the sinister drug lord Goro, who is flooding the streets with deadly meth cooked at his remote jungle factory. To prepare for his ultimate confrontation, Casey must finally become an invisible warrior worthy of the name Ninja. But just when his prey is cornered, an unexpected twist shows Casey that his battle is only beginning: he truly can trust no one.
Isaac Florentine
Top Cast
Scott Adkins as Casey

Shun Sugata as Goro

Tim Man as Myat

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Ninja: Shadow of a Tear review

Reviewed by lukem-52760

8 / 10

Ninja: Shadow of a Tear is an incredible sequel to the excellent first film but this time it’s drenched more in gritty realism than the comic book style of the first.
There’s still a retro old skool feel to this but it’s faster paced & more furious this time as our hero, Casey has settled down with his pregnant wife but when she is suddenly murdered, Casey goes on an all out mission for revenge & it’s a brutal quest with non-stop frantic action.
Scott Adkins is Amazing again, his films are always so Awesome & so well made with so much style & this sequel has it all in spades!!! Once again directed with superb skill by Isaac Florentine who loves working with Adkins & seems to really bring out the very best of Adkins martial arts skills & his emotional performances, here Casey goes to a much darker place & becomes a more Vigilante anti-hero than he was in the first film where he was more a warrior proctor type. Adkins is the most skilled fighter I’ve seen in the Action genre & i grew up watching all the greats such as Van Damme, Schwarzenegger, Seagal, Stallone & Snipes but Adkins seems more real & more intense than those Action Legends & it’s a shame he hasn’t hit the big time yet like Jason Statham has?

Ninja 2 is a more polished looking flick than the first but it’s definitely less bloody & the main villain is still way better in the first flick but what we do get here is much more incredible fight sequences that are mind blowing to watch. This is the fastest I’ve seen Adkins move lol he’s as quick as the old greats like Jackie Chan or Jet Li he’s that good.
I think i probably still like the first film more because i loved the old Comic book style & the very 80’s Ninja flick vibe that reminds me of the Awesome Ninja Turtles flicks but obviously way more violent but, Shadow of a Tear is a fantastic sequel & this time i got vibes of old skool Charlie Bronson flicks such as Death Wish 2 (The whole mugging/wallet sequence) & i loved it as it felt like pure old skool violent action & that’s what Scott Adkins does.
A brutal, bone-crunching, fast & furious Revenge Action Thriller with some of the best fight sequences ever put on film & a blistering intense performance from the king of badass, low-budget Action Cinema.Read More