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No Man’s Woman Movie Download

No Man's Woman YTS
No Man’s Woman YTS
Action / Crime / Film-Noir / Mystery / Romance
1 hr 10 min

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No Man's Woman yts
No Man's Woman movie download hd
Plot Summary:
A greedy, scheming woman is found murdered in her studio, and the police find that there is no shortage of suspects who wanted to see her dead–among them a rich husband she wouldn’t divorce unless he paid her a huge settlement, a lover she caused to be fired from his job and an assistant whose fiancĂ© she tried to seduce.
Franklin Adreon
Top Cast
Marie Windsor as Carolyn Ellenson Grant

Nancy Gates as Louise Nelson

Patric Knowles as Wayne Vincent

John Archer as Harlow Grant

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No Man’s Woman review

Reviewed by boblipton

5 / 10

Marie Windsor Is Unlikeable
Marie Windsor is a piece of work. She’s living apart from her husband, John Archer, but taking half his earnings. He wants to get married to Nancy Gates, so he asks Miss Windsor for a divorce. She wants a continuing half his earnings, plus $300,000 in cash; his father can sell his half of the business. Meanwhile, Miss Windsor is partners in an art gallery with Patrick Knowles, and putting the moves on Richard Crane, who’s engaged to her assistant, Jil Jarmyn. In fact, she’s just got Miss Jarmyn to return her engagement ring by telling her she’s carrying on an affair with Crane.

So naturally she’s shot by someone standing just offscreen. Enter the police.

It’s a cheaply shot Republic B movie, and while everyone is decent, their line deliveries are rather declamatory. It’s directed by Franklin Adreon(1902-1979). He had been writing Republic serials since 1937, and had directed a few for a couple of years. Now he was directing movies, and television, but it looks like the habits of the serials had stuck with him: grind them out cheap, grind them out fast and don’t worry about the nuances. It’s a well-written mystery, but the execution of the film is dull, except for Miss Windsor and her nasty attitude. I’d’ve shot her myself.Read More

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