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Action / Comedy / Horror
1 hr 28 min

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Old Dracula yts
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Plot Summary:
In order to revive his long hibernating bride, Vampira, Count Dracula takes blood samples from several beautiful models, but during the transfusion, Vampira’s race turns from white to black.
Clive Donner
Top Cast
Luan Peters as Pottinger’s Secretary

David Niven as Count Dracula

Veronica Carlson as Ritva

Teresa Graves as Countess Vampira

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Old Dracula review

Reviewed by Coventry

3 / 10

Old, but mostly weak & pitiable Dracula
This movie often gets accused of being a “Young Frankenstein” rip-off, but the producers only altered the title from “Vampira” into “Old Dracula” to cash in on the tremendous success of Mel Brooks horror spoof. The truth is that “Vampira” got filmed prior to “Young Frankenstein” and it also can’t hold a candle to that film, as this is a truly poor and almost pitiable attempt at comedy. The great cast, including David Niven and Peter Bayliss, do whatever they can, but Clive Donner’s direction is uninspired and especially Jeremy Lloyd’s screenplay is anemic and almost entirely devoid of laughs and creativity. In Transylvania, Count Dracula and his male servant Maltravers are hosting tourist tours in the old castle, and every once and a while this also allows them to restorage their blood reserves. When a group of Playboy models visits the castle, they discover that one of them has the same and extremely rare blood type of Dracula’s deceased wife Vampira. But, as mandatory in lame comedy, the samples get mixed up and the count’s beloved wife resurrects as a feisty black girl. Reason enough for the old-fashioned Count to travel to swinging London where his conservative life-style naturally conflicts with the free-spirited mentality. The best parts of the films are the dialogs between Niven and Bayliss, and even those are lukewarm at best. Everything else is downright pathetic, with as absolute low points Dracula’s “night on the town” and the predictable finale with atrocious make-up effects.Read More

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