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Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
1 hr 44 min

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Plot Summary:
A man has only three and a half days and limited resources to discover why he was imprisoned in a nondescript room for 20 years without any explanation.
Spike Lee
Top Cast
Pom Klementieff as Haeng-Bok

Elizabeth Olsen as Marie Sebastian

Samuel L. Jackson as Chaney

Lance Reddick as Daniel Newcombe

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Oldboy review

Reviewed by utgard14

4 / 10

Weak, Safe, and Uninteresting
Remakes are generally a bad idea. The percentage of remakes that are equal to or better than the original is probably less than 1%. However, English-language remakes of foreign films (or vice-versa I suppose) are a slightly different story. The percentage is still low, but maybe not quite as low. Anyway, all of this is to say that while I was skeptical of an Oldboy remake, I was not 100% against it. The benefit that a remake of a foreign film has over a regular remake is that you are pretty much forced to make things different, at least a little, simply by virtue of different tastes and filmmaking styles between cultures. That’s a good thing, in theory, because all of the good remakes I can think of changed things from the original. The cookie cutter shot-for-shot remakes are the worst. Oldboy (2013) is, unfortunately, not a good remake.

In some ways the movie smartly avoids trying to copy some things from the original that would not fit with an American version. There’s no hypnosis, no guy cutting his own tongue off, and no octopus scene. It’s when the movie tries to copy its Korean roots that it fails most. I’m speaking particularly of the comedy and action portions, which feature Josh Brolin trying to mimic Choi Min-sik with embarrassing results. Obviously the biggest problem is that the twist that the first movie relied so heavily on is going to be spoiled for a large portion of the audience that will even want to see this one. Worse, this remake seems to telegraph the twist in ways the original didn’t. I watched the movie with friends who hadn’t seen the original and they all figured out the twist and none were particularly shocked by it. Finally, it ends with the type of bizarre “happy” ending that plays to the worst stereotypes of Hollywood filmmaking.

Josh Brolin was probably a weak choice to play the lead. He’s not awful but just very unimpressive. Sharlto Copley, however, is terrible. Absolutely horrid. Yoo Ji-Tae was so good in the original film. He gave a sympathetic performance that actually made you feel for his character, even when you’re being repulsed by his actions. In contrast, Copley is a completely unsympathetic foppish cartoon villain. To make matters worse, Samuel L. Jackson also appears in the movie in a villainous role and, of course, his huge personality makes Copley appear all the more underwhelming. The only real bright spot in the cast is Elizabeth Olsen, who continues to impress and is definitely headed for bigger things than this. Spike Lee’s direction is workmanlike and uninspired. The less said about it the better. Yes it’s a poor remake but, more importantly, it’s a poor film altogether.Read More

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