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Rabbit Hole Movie Download

Rabbit Hole YTS
Rabbit Hole YTS
Action / Drama
1 hr 31 min

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Rabbit Hole yts
Rabbit Hole movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Life for a happy couple is turned upside down after their young son dies in an accident.
John Cameron Mitchell
Top Cast
Nicole Kidman as Becca

Miles Teller as Jason

Dianne Wiest as Nat

Aaron Eckhart as Howie

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Rabbit Hole review

Reviewed by ferguson-6

7 / 10

A Brick in the Pocket
Greetings again from the darkness. It would be very easy to dismiss this film as a depressing story or a real downer for the holiday season. Admittedly, the timing of its release is a bit odd, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a very well made and extremely well acted film. This is a character study in dealing with grief … the breathless grief of losing a young child. The story is told with respect, warmth and even touches of humor.

Based on the acclaimed play from David Lindsay-Abaire, director John Cameron Mitchell stays true to the individuals within the story. Nicole Kidman plays Becca, who is married to Howie (Aaron Eckhart). The couple are 8 months removed from the death of their 4 year old son who was killed when he chased his dog into the street. 8 months or 8 years. When in group therapy, Becca and Howie meet Gaby (Sandra Oh) who has been in the group for 8 years. Healing has its own timeline for each person. Becca has little use for the “God people” or the group addicts and quickly stops attending. Instead, she spends her time lashing out at everyone … her husband, her mother, her sister … even the dog and a lady at the grocery store.

Oddly enough, it is her bond with the high school boy who was driving the car that killed her son that helps her break through. She senses his pain and he understands hers. The story does a subtle and terrific job of showing how we are all touched by grief and how it affects the way we live our life. The best scene in the film is with Becca and her mother (Dianne Weist) in the basement. Her mother honestly tells her that “it” never goes away, but it does change. The grief becomes “bearable”. That’s really the goal.

No matter how many books are written on the topic, no blueprint will ever be one-size-fits-all for coping with the void and emptiness from the loss of a loved one. This story shows that if you just keep moving forward and keep connecting with others, the burden will become bearable.Read More

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