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Plot Summary:
Astronauts search for solutions to save a dying Earth by searching on Mars, only to have the mission go terribly awry.
Antony Hoffman
Top Cast
Val Kilmer as Gallagher

Simon Baker as Pettengil

Carrie-Anne Moss as Bowman

Benjamin Bratt as Santen

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Red Planet review

Reviewed by yusufpiskin

8 / 10

This is my kind of B-Movie…
“This is it. That moment they told us in high school where one day, algebra would save our lives.”

Oh Red Planet. I was only fourteen years old when you came out and I was going through my “Val Kilmer phase”, so I’ve definitely got a bit of a soft spot for you.

That being said, it’s definitely not the best film of all time. In some standards it’s pretty darn awful. The script was quite bland, the acting (especially from Kilmer, unfortunately) seemed lazy, and the pace felt a bit slow. But I still get enjoyment out of it to this day, even if it’s in a nostalgic kind of way.
Also, I love the soundtrack.Read More