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Action / Crime / Horror / Thriller
1 hr 28 min

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Plot Summary:
Set in Middle America, a group of teens receive an online invitation for sex, though they soon encounter Christian fundamentalists with a much more sinister agenda.
Kevin Smith
Top Cast
Kyle Gallner as Jarod

John Goodman as Joseph Keenan

Kevin Pollak as ASAC Brooks

Stephen Root as Sheriff Wynan

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Red State review

Reviewed by eagandersongil

7 / 10

A bad start, a great second act, a Kevin Smith hit
“Deadly sect” is a movie of surprises, we are inserted into a cliche horror movie, with young people, sex and blood, all of this is really present in Kevin Smith’s work, but there is more, it has an authorial, modern and intelligent direction. wonderful performances, the low expectation gained by the viewer for a weak start is replaced by hatred, fear and tension.

The script is basic in its form, which basically serves as an excuse to develop its characters, so yes, we have a greater care, with several characters that come and go, are striking and brief, each with their drama that talks to the main plot, this is wonderful, since the story choices themselves have problems, especially in the first act.

“Deadly Sect” is a film that talks about religious fanaticism and intolerance, in a sadistic and straightforward way, the sect’s presentation is wonderful and all its members make up a whole. At no point does the film bother to be very reflective. This even makes the movie more empty, but it still works very well because the features of the direction help the script a lot.

The direction in question is great, it starts very discreet and begins to appear slowly, at times when the script is bad and not enchanting, small details draw attention, such as cameras running and stuck to actors, camera, soundtrack and photography, then when the film slightly improves its plot and Michael Parks’s acting enters the film completely changes the tone, and the late and wonderful actor completely steals the scene, a masterful performance, a physical and linguistic performance, the actor even blurs a bit of the rest of the work given its total surrender to the role, the rest of the cast still has good actors, like John Goodman who makes a focused and dubious performance, a character who comes in late, but has a very deep depth and great importance. Although it could have been better used, the rest of the cast is average to bad.

“Deadly Sect” is a lousy first act and wonderful second act, with a good but unsettling conclusion, the director’s touches and hints of black humor remind us that the work has Kevin Smith in charge, a director who is not brilliant but well authored, great acting by MIchael Parks, good action scenes and suspense but a poor script make up the good and surprising long. NOTE 7.5 / 10Read More

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