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Action / Adventure / Family / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery
1 hr 53 min

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Plot Summary:
Dorothy, saved from a psychiatric experiment by a mysterious girl, finds herself back in the land of her dreams, and makes delightful new friends, and dangerous new enemies.
Walter Murch
Top Cast
Fairuza Balk as Dorothy

Piper Laurie as Aunt Em

Deep Roy as Tin Man

Brian Henson as Jack Pumpkinhead

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Return to Oz review

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird

9 / 10

A severely under-appreciated gem!
I honestly do think this is under-appreciated. I know it is more sombre in tone than the 1939 classic, but that’s not a bad thing at all. The film does look beautiful, with lovely sets and costumes, and the special effects work is some of the best of its kind of any family film of the 80s or of any decade, Tick-Tock and the Nome King are brilliantly designed. Return to Oz, with its very imaginative storytelling- seen in memorable scenes like with the heads- and enchantingly dark atmosphere, also has enough magic to engage the viewer, well to me it does anyway. The climax is chillingly effective, though Nome King did seem to be defeated too easily. Fairuza Balk is excellent as Dorothy, charming, sincere and even adorable. Many have complained that Balk is too young for the character, but in the 1939 musical Judy Garland was nearly 17 when in the book Dorothy is about 12. I also loved the music score and the cinematography, which was both dreamlike and nightmarish. Another mention should go to Nicol Williamson in the duel roles of Dr Worley and the Nome King(who may be a bit too scary for young viewers, likewise with the character of Mombi), he did a truly wonderful job in both roles, particularly the latter where he was threatening in an understated way. Also to Pumpkinhead, who a number of times, came close to stealing the show, and Tick-Tock, whose personality is perhaps the most colourful of all. The only character I didn’t care for was the chicken, who is annoying at times and not really that necessary. Overall, this is a truly excellent film, that I think deserves a lot more recognition. 9/10 Bethany Cox.Read More

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