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Action / Crime / Drama / Film-Noir
1 hr 20 min

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Riot in Cell Block 11 yts
Riot in Cell Block 11 movie download hd
Plot Summary:
A prisoner leads his counterparts in a protest for better living conditions which turns violent and ugly.
Don Siegel
Top Cast
Frank Faylen as Commissioner Haskell

Paul Frees as Monroe

Jonathan Hole as Reporter Russell

William Schallert as Reporter

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Riot in Cell Block 11 review

Reviewed by tim-764-291856

7 / 10

‘Watch Those Itchy Fingers’
Producer Walter Wanger wanted to make a film that exposed the appalling conditions of the prison community – and having been incarcerated himself after shooting a man he was sure was having an affair with his wife – had plenty of personal experience.

The resulting 1954 80 minute gritty drama, almost an unprecedented certificate 15, even now, was directed by Don Siegel. Following a popular format in those days, it starts off with a social documentary approach, complete with concerned voice-over – that this is a public announcement, part expose, part drama. It is not based on fact, at least not from one singular incident.

As you might expect, we follow prison guards (my title is the warning given to them, as they arm-up to thwart the riot), politicians and those who shape policy and of course, a handful of inmates. These provide everyday backbone; their tales are simple and uncomplicated and it’s impossible to not side with them, or at least their plight. As ring- leaders take guards hostage, it becomes a nail-biting cat and mouse scenario, with Dunn (Neville Brand) producing ultimatums. Warden Emile Meyer wants negotiation, state officials want only swift force.

The film is well made and tautly directed, efficient but doesn’t feel rushed. The version I saw on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) had a slight green cast but was generally good. I imagine that Riot In would have been compelling and possibly controversial viewing for cinema goers. It would have found favour especially amongst those who liked the hard crime film-noir type of dramas of the day, but without any of the glamour of femme fetales.

My guess is that whilst many prison dramas had been made at this point, they were character-lead and not out to socially comment. This would have been as hard-hitting as any TV ’60 Minute’ (etc) documentary and because it’s still a good and credible film, it’s still within the public domain, though is rarely shown and expensive to buy.Read More

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