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Ruby Sparks YTS
Ruby Sparks YTS
Action / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance
1 hr 44 min

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Ruby Sparks yts
Ruby Sparks movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Calvin is a young novelist who achieved phenomenal success early in his career but is now struggling with his writing – as well as his romantic life. Finally, he makes a breakthrough and creates a character named Ruby who inspires him. When Calvin finds Ruby, in the flesh, sitting on his couch about a week later, he is completely flabbergasted that his words have turned into a living, breathing person.
Jonathan Dayton
Top Cast
Annette Bening as Gertrude

Paul Dano as Calvin Weir-Fields

Antonio Banderas as Mort

Deborah Ann Woll as Lila

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Ruby Sparks review

Reviewed by Prismark10

5 / 10

Not much of a spark
Ruby Sparks is small scale offbeat romantic comedy from writer Zoe Kazan. However the concept never progresses much from its initial premise.

Calvin (Paul Dano) is a young writer who has been struggling with writer’s block to follow his hit first novel that he wrote as a teenager.

His therapist sets Calvin an exercise to write something and Calvin manages to bring a fictional character Ruby Sparks (Zoe Kazan) from the page into real life existence.

Ruby turns out to be his dream woman, A quirky Pixie Dream Girl who Calvin can shape by his writing.

Kazan having written the screenplay has a good angle on playing Ruby. The trouble is Calvin is rather two dimensional, a bit of a selfish bore, a tepid wet blanket.

The film never aims to be more than an idiosyncratic fantasy rom com when it could had explored its ideas in a more twisted way.Read More