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Rush Hour 2 Movie Download

Rush Hour 2 YTS
Rush Hour 2 YTS
Action / Comedy / Crime / Mystery / Thriller
1 hr 30 min

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Rush Hour 2 yts
Rush Hour 2 movie download hd
Plot Summary:
It’s vacation time for Carter as he finds himself alongside Lee in Hong Kong wishing for more excitement. While Carter wants to party and meet the ladies, Lee is out to track down a Triad gang lord who may be responsible for killing two men at the American Embassy. Things get complicated as the pair stumble onto a counterfeiting plot. The boys are soon up to their necks in fist fights and life-threatening situations. A trip back to the U.S. may provide the answers about the bombing, the counterfeiting, and the true allegiance of sexy customs agent Isabella.
Brett Ratner
Top Cast
Jackie Chan as Lee

Maggie Q as Girl in Car

Roselyn Sanchez as Isabella Molina

Jeremy Piven as Versace Salesman

Rush Hour 2 2001 720p.BluRay

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English 2.0

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1 hr 30 min
Seeds 26.

Rush Hour 2 2001 1080p.BluRay

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English 2.0

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1 hr 30 min
Seeds 100+.

Rush Hour 2 review

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca

7 / 10

This action-packed film is by far the best of the series
I have to say that I viewed the first RUSH HOUR movie as a typically average comedy, but I’m pleased to say that the sequel takes a no-nonsense approach to the action and as such is ten times better. Chan and Tucker are back and far more settled in their roles, particular Tucker who manages to be consistently funny here despite his OTT acting and outrageous dialogue. Chan is funny, too, and particular excellent in the frenetic fight and stunt sequences. To of my favourite moments involve him running up a diagonal bamboo pole and sliding effortlessly through a tiny little hole in a grille; these are classic Chan moments and fans of the actor will lap it up.

The fast-moving plot involves a bunch of smugglers and a sexy undercover agent, played by Roselyn Sanchez with relish (perhaps a new Bond girl in the making?). Veteran John Lone (M. BUTTERFLY, and looking better than ever here) shares the criminal duties with newcomer Zhang Ziyi. The resulting pair presents plenty of sparky ego-action and acid dialogue, with Chan and Tucker on the receiving end at most points. The fight scenes take place in massage parlours, boats and there’s plenty of fun to be had with parcel bombs and familiar supporting faces in the cast (Kenneth Tsang from THE KILLER, the judge guy from Ghostbusters II and a hilarious Don Cheadle to name but three). The denouement, in a Las Vegas casino, is absolutely brilliant, as Jackie infiltrates the hideout whilst Tucker proves an able diversion by his anti-racism speech at the blackjack table. A fine end to what is a very light and irrelevant, but nevertheless hugely FUN, movie.Read More

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