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Plot Summary:
Music is an integral part of most films, adding emotion and nuance while often remaining invisible to audiences. Matt Schrader shines a spotlight on the overlooked craft of film composing, gathering many of the art form’s most influential practitioners, from Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman to Quincy Jones and Randy Newman, to uncover their creative process. Tracing key developments in the evolution of music in film, and exploring some of cinema’s most iconic soundtracks, ‘Score’ is an aural valentine for film lovers.
Matt Schrader
Top Cast
Danny Elfman as Himself

Steven Spielberg as Himself

Diane Warren as Herself

James Cameron as Himself

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Score review

Reviewed by Pjtaylor-96-138044

7 / 10

Hear no evil.
‘Score: A Film Music Documentary (2016)’ is about all things film music, clearly created out of a love for the craft. It’s great to see an often understated side of movie making explored in all its glory, even if the picture only really provides a cursory inspection of the craft. Of course, there are moments of genuine insight – most of which occur when the affair focuses on the behind-the-scenes process of specific composers – and these are the experience’s most enjoyable parts, as well as its most interesting. It shows just how complex composing for film is, regardless of how accomplished the final result will be (it’s as difficult to score a masterpiece like ‘Star Wars (1977)’ as it is, say, ‘The Gunman (2015)’). If you aren’t already a massive fan of film music, I’m sure the flick will provide you with a decent amount of new information and instil at least an appreciation for the craft. Regardless of your familiarity with the subject matter, the picture is always entertaining even when it isn’t hugely informational. It revels in its highlighted music, pouring love and adoration atop everybody featured. There are a number of notable omissions (no Giacchino or Harry Potter music?) and it doesn’t feel particularly structured, but it’s a well-made documentary with plenty of interviews and behind-the-scenes access. 7/10Read More

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