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Plot Summary:
Two oafs must rescue their stranded pal in Mexico.
Scot Armstrong
Top Cast
Alison Brie as Elizabeth

Lance Reddick as MacDonaldson

Rosa Salazar as Pocahontas

Krysten Ritter as Christy

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Search Party review

Reviewed by neil-476

5 / 10

Poor Man’s Hangover, only not funny
Nardo is one of three idiot friends. When Jason, the most idiot of the three idiot friends, fouls up Nardo’s wedding, Nardo goes after fiancée Tracy, who has gone to Mexico to enjoy the pre-booked honeymoon holiday on her own. After Nardo is carjacked and left naked in remote Mexican badlands, the other two idiots have to go and rescue him.

Search Party badly wants to be The Hangover, and isn’t. TJ Miller, who seemed to have cornered the market in annoying idiot friends until Zack Galifinakifianikanifikianikis came along, is as annoying as ever: being annoying isn’t necessarily humour, though.

There are precisely four reasons for seeing this movie: they are Shannon Woodward (fiancée Tracy, cute in a bikini), Rosa Salazar (waitress Pocohontas, cute in a short Red Indian outfit), Krysten Ritter (bar pick-up Christy, hot in sexy undies), and Alison Brie (co-worker Elizabeth, opulent in clinging office wear). Conversely, Nardo/Thomas Middleditch’s member gets rather more screen time than it deserves, and wasn’t a plus point in my book.

This is one of those comedies which substitutes stupid and annoying for funny, as a result of which I found it stupid and annoying. And not funny.Read More