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Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Sport
1 hr 20 min

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Plot Summary:
Based on the award-winning novel by Rusty Whitener, Season of Miracles follows the Robins, an underdog Little League team through their 1974 season with newcomer and autistic baseball savant, Rafer. Team leader Zack takes Rafer under his wing despite taunting from their rivals, the Hawks.
Dave Moody
Top Cast
John Schneider as Coach Wayne Hornbuckle

Nancy Stafford as Nurse Barbara

Grayson Russell as Rafer

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Season of Miracles review

Reviewed by bkoganbing

5 / 10

A Red Red Red Robin comes batting along
Season Of Miracles concerns a Little League team coached by John Schneider that
has discovered a real baseball find. A regular Babe Ruth who both pitches and
hits to perfection. The problem is that young Grayson Russell is autistic and with
the usual socialization problems that come with that.

This film is shot on location and for relative pittance and lacks a lot of production
values. Other than Schneider the only other name you might recognize is that of
Nancy Stafford formerly of Matlock playing a nurse.

But as this is a regional story set in the south I think it was a wise decision to
cast it with locals. They come across as real kids instead of Hollywood kids.
Also standing out is Andrew Wilson Williams as the preacher’s kid who stands
up for his challenged teammate.

Overt preaching is kept to a minimum which is good. Season Of Miracles is a
nice family film.Read More

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