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Comedy / Drama
1 hr 22 min

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See You in Valhalla yts
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Plot Summary:
After the bizarre death of her brother, Johana Burwood must return home after four years, to face her strange siblings, her out of touch father and her very touchy past.
Jarret Tarnol
Top Cast
Odeya Rush as Ashley Burwood

Sarah Hyland as Johana Burwood

Steve Howey as Makewi

Michael Weston as Don Burwood

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See You in Valhalla review

Reviewed by hthbrr2

1 / 10

Perfect word to describe this pointless movie.

So we have a family that is never really explained why they are in so much conflict. The main girl we follow was knocked up in high school OK…that happens to a fair amount of people. One of them was in the closet….OK? Again frequent occurrence. Another brother that knocked up his high school girl friend. What happened to the mother? She died. But why? And what is with the father? Also never explained.

Seems like more of an exercise in drama class than a movie. “Ok class create a situation with lots of conflict.” But we NEVER get any back story or explanation as to why these characters are the way they are. And worst of all they DRAG and DRAG out the movie. Within 5 minutes you ALREADY can tell how it’s going to go.

It’s so unoriginal. Probably the most unoriginal movie I have ever seen. Even when they re-do/reboot etc. movies like King Kong and Spider-Man for the billionth time AT LEAST they put a new twist or interpretation on it. But this movie is cliché after cliché. Let’s count them all! 1. douche bag guy from hs wants to get back with the girl he knocked up saying ‘we could have made it work’ 2. all gay men are sex crazed and have no morals 3. all the crazy people are really right in the end 4. never question the relationship you are in 5. yell at a sick parent they will IMMEDIATELY have a heart attack and your whole family will somehow magically bond. etc…

Even the characters themselves were stereotypes. None of these people exist, at least not to the extreme that they are in this movie. This movie looks like first draft stuff. Do these writers even do a re- read of their stuff? Even once!? I mean none of these characters seem to exist for more than a couple years. So the brother that killed himself that caused this family reunion…WHY was he a ‘viking’? oh right there is no back story in this movie…first draft writing only. Also if he was so crazy and on drugs, wasn’t his death not if but when? So why have a family reunion if they all hate each other so much and this brother was insane….oh never mind you can’t makes sense of a movie where the conflict is all fake.

Avoid this movie, it’s just pointless. It starts no where and it goes no where.Read More

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