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Set Fire to the Stars Movie Download

Set Fire to the Stars YTS
Set Fire to the Stars YTS
Action / Biography / Drama
1 hr 37 min

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Set Fire to the Stars yts
Set Fire to the Stars movie download hd
Plot Summary:
An aspiring poet in 1950s New York has his ordered world shaken when he embarks on a week-long retreat to save his hell raising hero, Dylan Thomas.
Andy Goddard
Top Cast
Kelly Reilly as Caitlin

Elijah Wood as John M. Brinnin

Shirley Henderson as Shirley

Steven Mackintosh as Jack

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Set Fire to the Stars review

Reviewed by juanmuscle

10 / 10

Hallo, Hallo, Hallo, Hallo! She’s a hoot! lol
This was so outside the bounds of phenomenal I don’t know what I just saw or felt rather cause I watched this not through the facile orbs or through the fostering brain lamo filters oh no! I experienced this masterful wonder the only way one might extract true magic with the god given greatest gift ever, the soul! If you are the type of person that casts away poetry with rudimentary colloquial speech: “Oh no, I would never read that poetry is for F**S! then no, you don’t need to watch this because unfortunately my rustic rube dolt you don’t and shan’t ever have a soul, its impossible for you were born into our great world meaty and thick wholly bereft of one, so yes, go on with your bad selves and do something else, I don’t know and I don’t want to know…

Yes the penultimate scene or the last was so sweet, so thoughtful and affecting and touching that I couldn’t help but reach out , if only I could, to do whatever I or we or God to save the awesomeness that is Mr. Thomas! But unfortunately, some people , god should of made two worlds, one for people with loving souls and the other for whatever I don’t care I don’t need to be there (tmi) who cares about that god awful planet… but unfortunately our artists have come down plop right into this disgusting living chimera , there is no choice 🙁

(Last Scene) – me me me me, “terrorize someone else” says Dylan’s cohort – where is the forebarance the empathy the humanity , the love in the harmony of sympathy , sympathy for not only ourselves but for our fellow man, the sympathy to regard otehrs no matter what their station in life as human beings, as our fellow brothers and sisters , the sympathy to ask and really mean it , how are you, terrorize someone else, he missed the whole thing, its whats wrong Dylan and can I help? yet in its simplicity therein presides its futility, for what can we truly say or do, even if Dylan stops everything what does it truly matter when those very feelings that drive him to self-destruct will yet exist inside him, but would it really, I mean would it still if we lived in a perfect world where everyone said, ‘no, wait a minute no, no more, I’m going to be the best person I can be for the betterment of mankind” Would he or anyone for that matter still feel the need to self-destruct. Would we have those staunch daemons with whose importunate insidious agenda we would need to fight.

John’s self-indulgent comments belie anything altruistic when providing Dylan with any succor , it just makes everything no matter how sweet and nice seem like something done out of perfunctory duty thus never truly connecting from genuine affection.

The acting to me seemed stellar and the script thoughtful and genuine, everything this was a work of art!Read More