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Silent Hill Movie Download

Silent Hill YTS
Silent Hill YTS
Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery
2 hr 5 min

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Silent Hill yts
Silent Hill movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Rose, a desperate mother takes her adopted daughter, Sharon, to the town of Silent Hill in an attempt to cure her of her ailment. After a violent car crash, Sharon disappears and Rose begins a desperate search to get her back. She descends into the center of the twisted reality of a town’s terrible secret. Pursued by grotesquely deformed creatures and townspeople stuck in permanent purgatory, Rose begins to uncover the truth behind the apocalyptic disaster that burned the town 30 years earlier.
Christophe Gans
Top Cast
Sean Bean as Christopher Da Silva

Radha Mitchell as Rose Da Silva

Jodelle Ferland as Sharon / Alessa

Laurie Holden as Cybil Bennett

Silent Hill 2006 720p.BluRay

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Silent Hill review

Reviewed by pughspencer

8 / 10

A video game adaptation worth another look
Although I have never played the actual game I am aware of its story and how this film decided to take another route. It borrows many elements & ideas from not just the first game but it’s first couple sequels as well & blends in with the director’s own ideas. The end result in my opinion I think works rather well both telling a solid story that doesn’t hold your hand while also nailing the look and feel of its source material. I’ve seen many claim they couldn’t understand much of the story but I personally think it explains everything pretty well. There are a couple exposition dumps & maybe at times some of the elements from the video games can feel disjointed but nothing feels out of place or forced in. Especially have to give the director and production crew props for the set design and visual effects that really brings to life the disturbing imagery of the games. There are many effective sequences especially one involving creepy nurses & there’s no cheap jump scares to be found.

The only issue for me with the film are the boring and slow paced scenes with the husband character. It feels like they just added these scenes with him cuz the movie didn’t have enough males but you could honestly cut all these out and it wouldn’t effect the movie any. Other than that Silent Hill was definitely a milestone for video game adaptations especially from around that time. Even today you don’t see many get as much effort put into them as this one did.Read More

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