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Action / Adventure / Thriller
1 hr 34 min

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Soldiers of Fortune yts
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Plot Summary:
Wealthy thrill-seekers pay huge premiums to have themselves inserted into military adventures, only this time things don’t go exactly to plan.
Maxim Korostyshevsky
Top Cast
Christian Slater as Craig McCenzie

Sean Bean as Dimidov

James Cromwell as Samuel Haussman

Freddy Rodríguez as Capt. Mike Reed

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Soldiers of Fortune review

Reviewed by cosmo_tiger

7 / 10

A bad made for TV movie that is made more legit by the casting. Surprisingly entertaining with great cast. I say B+
“You and Ernesto are pimping out your revolution as some kind of tourist attraction for a bunch of millionaires and you expect me to be your guide.” Iraq war vet Craig McCenzie (Slater) is living out his post war days in Montana playing poker and running a business out of his camper. He is recruited to become a “tour guide” to a group of millionaires who want to experience real warfare. What starts out as a “camp” soon takes a dangerous turn and a real battle takes place. I have to start by saying that even though the cast is very good and full of well known actors this is still a B movie. That said I actually enjoyed this. Normally not my kind of movie this one was entertaining enough to keep me watching and enjoying it. I didn’t watch the trailer before viewing and when it got to the part where it revealed the plot point of being a reality-show type island I almost turned it off. The actors they picked to be the millionaires kept me watching and even though this is nothing but running around and shooting it is worth a watch. It also may have helped that I had no expectations about it going in. One of the better B movies that have come out it a while and Slater’s best movie in a long time. Overall, an OK movie that is helped a lot by the casting. I surprisingly give it a B+.Read More

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